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The Beauty of Moving Forward


My name is Steven Budden. I'm a somatic life enhancement expert, but what my work is really about is FREEDOM. Freedom from the past. 

I founded Flow Healing Arts in 2011, as part of a fierce commitment to supporting people in living fuller, richer lives. 

 Steven Budden, mfa, hhwp

Steven Budden, mfa, hhwp

Using a unique combination of informed touch and compassionate inquiry, we can clear blockages at various layers at once (emotional, physical, mental).  In other words, as we clear patterns at the root, your life experience will begin to shift in profound ways. 

The modality I use  is unique and organic. It grew out of various modalities and personal experience. I call it, simply, FLOW HEALING.  

In 2008, I broke my neck in a bodyboarding 'accident'. A wave slammed me into the ocean floor. When I crawled out of the water, Flow Healing Arts was born, and I no longer believed in accidents. 

No matter where you've been, or where you're stuck, this approach can begin to dissolve your most painful patterns.  So you can BREATHE and BREAK FREE. 

Being concise here is a challenge... when it comes to healing, I tend to resort to poetry... 

A loss of innocence

Clients often say they are feeling a piece of themselves for the first time. A leg. An arm. A heart. Not long ago, I wouldn't have understood it myself. Now I do. It's a mystical experience.  (I remember when I felt my legs ‘for the first time’. I was thirty two years old. I cried tears of joy).

You’ll get the chance to feel your pain in the presence of a compassionate witness. This in and of itself can be very healing. 

Using touch and conversation, we’ll begin to discern where you are ‘present’ in your body/mind, and where you are ‘hiding’. 

Chronic diseases. Depression. Painful love patterns. Heavy stories. They'll begin to lift. After all, they’re all expressions of a deeper wound...  a loss of innocence.  

Do you remember when you ‘lost’ yours? 

This is an invitation to your new life.  Where nothing changes,  yet everything is different. 

Welcome to the beauty of moving forward

While this may not be the only path to your healing, I believe it is the most direct.  Within just a few meetings, we can often make years worth of progress, as we clear emotional blockages from the physical tissues. 

working together

In a world where personal connection can be difficult to find, I prefer to work one on one with a handful of extraordinary individuals. 

If you think you may be a good fit... 


Steven Budden

Flow Healing Arts - The Beauty of Moving Forward

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