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Directions to Flow Healing Arts in Cazadero

directions? Why? 

Navigation can sometimes be a little tricky, because cell service drops away a few miles from my office. So please take a look at this.

Please also not the parking directions below. 

The address:

 5701 Austin Creek Road, Cazadero. 

Driving Directions:

  1. You’ll continue down the 116 / River Road until... 
  2. Make a right onto Cazadero Highway (sign says 'Cazadero').
  3. Continue straight for just over 5 miles until you see Raymond's Bakery. 
  4. Slow down and take the second left after Raymond's Bakery onto  a small road called 'Kramer' (which can be easy to pass). 
  5. Continue up the road 1/8 mile or so, and there will be a small crossroad (Kramer and Austin Creek Road).
  6. Take a left and  park down by the old wooden fence  near the waterfall.
  7. Walk up the hill toward the red Jetta.  That’s where the entrance is. 

The space looks like this from the road...

Flow Healing Arts Exterior



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