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Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

What's your ‘Problem’?

What do you need to heal?

What if I told you that I don’t even need to hear the answer... the information in these pages will heal it.

You don't need any complicated bloodwork, or costly scans, or degrees in medicine, or time-consuming tests.

You just need human food.

Some of the diagnostic tools of the medical establishment may be useful for measuring your progress, because people that use them are often able to say :

'Hey, I had this thing, and now it is completely gone. It doesn't even show up on any of my tests anymore. It's HEALED."

Doctors don’t understand healing. It isn’t their job.

A disease, in the medical model, is incurable by definition. Because the medical model does not exist to cure... it exists to TREAT. Usually, a condition will say something like: cause unknown. May be treatable. May last forever or a lifetime.

To paraphrase Ehret, who healed thousands of mental and physical disease with fruit in his Sanitarium for Fruit and Fasting, said that :

Every disease that doctors discover becomes another impenetrable mystery for them.'


What if, instead of every year getting worse and worse…

  • Every year gets better than the last?

  • You wake up feeling more and more alive and passionate?

  • You completely forget the name of your dentist and your doctor, because you don’t need them anymore!?

If you’re not destined to become exactly like your parents…

You’re in the right place.

If you're seeing this, it's because you've been guided here.

Social media can be frustrating. Endless distractions tearing away at what matters most.

But it can't be all bad. Because it lead me to you.

It’s through our suffering that we deepen our knowledge of the world… but your suffering doesn’t have to define you.


I’m not talking about treating symptoms; I’m talking about true healing.

True healing is so rare in our culture that healing and living your full potential explodes the system from within.

But it is actually surprisingly simple. Eat real foods. This awakens the body intelligence and redirects it toward healing and purifying.

A nourished body knows how to LIVE.

Most of the diseases we suffer from don’t exist in cultures that are nourished.

People have already been using this system heal to disease, balance emotions, increase energy, improve sleep.

It’s Ok to Doubt.

I know you’ve tried so many things that didn’t live up to their promise.

Or you've been peddled vague promises or guaranteed extraordinary results. Only to continue on the same path, with a little less money.


You're not alone.

There are thousands of people in the world applying the Edenbound system now, and enriching their lives immeasurably.

I suffered enough, so I changed everything.

What about you? Have you suffered enough?

Nothing is wrong with you.

Understand, that wherever you are along the path, your symptoms mean that something is wrong.

Not with YOU! With your lifestyle.

Symptoms are a sign that we're not receiving the right nourishment. It doesn't mean you're not receiving enough nourishment... you just need the right kind.

Steven Budden

My name is Steven Budden. I live in Florida with my small family. I’ve written four books on healing.

I've been in the healing arts for close to a decade now , working with clients on all sorts of issues, using all kinds of modalities. Unraveling INCURABLE conditions, mostly through eroding fictions. When my family members fell ill, I began intensively researching the most healing diets in the world. Over the last 20 years I've been down all of the standard paths; vegetarian, paleo, keto, plant-based, specific carbohydrate diet, blood-type diet, vegan, allergy elimination diets, candida diets, Okinawa, Greek, Alkaline diets, etc.

They all made me feel a certain way, but none of them really altered the equation, and none really heal the most deeply rooted and feared disease, like cancer.

I needed something MORE…

But as I worked with clients for years, I saw a simple fact... they didn't NEED me at all... they just thought they needed me.

What you need is not ME, but what I KNOW. And then you’ll be free to heal.

“Every second with Steven has been pure healing. I have had fifteen years of difficult and painful illnesses and emotional struggles; I’ve been to doctors and healers and yogis and medicine men and nothing has had the impact that just a few sessions with Steven has had.” - Brian Bugh, Former Client

Edenbound: Healing Disease and Trauma with Fruit and other Plants

Freedom to Heal

Every time I introduced people to the healing diet, their eyes lit up. Even though it was so far from anything they’d even considered.

I thought about expanding to spread this system to more people in a way that kept it…

  • simple

  • affordable

  • easy

I spent a year distilling all of the research into the most comprehensive book on dietary healing in existence.

I had to lock myself away from addictive foods in a remote location and read hundreds of rare books.

Most of them still missed the point of what foods truly heal people.

A few were life-altering. And these ones I summarize and quote extensively in Edenbound.

During my research and experiments, I wrote a few blogposts that got me thousands of shares, and daily emails from people asking me very specific questions. There were some beautiful questions that really got me thinking.

I put every answer into this book: EdenBound - Healing Disease and Trauma with Fruit and other Plants.

It’s your roadmap to…


Real, Lasting Healing

Free yourself from endlessly treating chronic symptoms.

Uproot the disease from your system now, and free yourself from a future of suffering.

Become part of a rich, vibrant tradition in the process…

You’re not alone, and you never were. They want you to think that you are. But there have been courageous people healing themselves all along… most people just never hear about them.

Here's a riddle for you...

What do these people have in common?

They each figured out how to heal disease naturally. And not only minor ailments, but the most life threatening diseases imaginable. AIDS, Lyme, Cancer... you name it.

They are Arnold Ehret (German), Atherov (Armenian), Dr. Sebi (African Honduran), Joanna Brandt (South African) and Dr. Morse (American). You’ll read about these heroic figures in Edenbound.

There are hundreds of others that practiced and healed people, and sometimes were imprisoned or run out of their country for it.

So if you still believe in ‘disease’ as the medical establishment defines it, you’re likely suffering for that belief.

Arnold Ehret healed himself and others at his Sanitarium for fruit and fasting, and seems to have reached a state of total immunity.

He wrote this about 100 years ago :

"Everyone who lives according to my dietary rules will also acquire total immunity. It is my duty and moral obligation to inform everyone about these findings, based on empirical personal, scientific exploration, in order to help those people who seek strength and resist deterioration through disease."

We live in a world of vaccines, surgeries, medications; where people look for the short cut or the pill.

That's fine, just remember that anytime you use one of those, you postpone and multiply your suffering.

And I don’t think that’s you. I think you’re ready for something different.

“My experience with Steven has been life changing, and I don’t say this lightly.” Tamara Albaitis, San Francisco

Welcome to the Beauty of Moving Forward™

Eat the food that you were designed to eat, and watch your ailments dissolve and your health BLOOM.

I don’t know why it is so hard to get to this basic message of healing.


“This book saved me 20 years of research” - Recent email from an excited reader.

I wrote this for thinkers. There are a lot of people who blindly follow ideas on social media, simply because they’re persuasive.

Instead I encourage you to break free of 99% of these influences and:

  1. Unlearn EVERYTHING you’ve learned about nutrition

  2. Rebuild your body with LIVING FOOD

  3. Free yourself from the FEAR of disease

  4. Use your newfound energy to live the life you’ve dreamed of

“I just read Endenbound, and went raw for almost 6 days. I’ve never done that before… thank you.” - Recent email from a reader.

Flow Guarantee

If this book doesn’t inspire you and show you the path for moving forward, I’ll refund your fee.

Order EdenBound Today…

I know it may be a significant investment for some. But imagine how much you’ll save in the long run by truly healing!

In case there is any hesitation, I’ll even give you:

50% off if you order the PDF now.

A paperback option is below as well.

My wish for you is that you order it today, read it, and change your life for the better.

I’ll see you on the other side…

Love and Flow,

EdenBound (Paperback)- Healing Disease and Trauma with Fruit
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