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a dietary solution to Heal your Life 

If you are part of a society in contemporary times, toxins have been accumulating in your body for your entire life. Genetic weaknesses or physical traumas create weak points in the body, and the toxins tend to gather there. In order to protect itself, the body secretes a layer of mucus, which coats various organs. This mucus becomes problematic over time, because it inhibits full functioning of the systems and organs. Glands and organs slow down and eventually begin to deteriorate. The systems that depends on those follow, in a chain reaction that ends in a fatal 'disease.' 

Medicating the symptoms is not the answer. 

Dietary cleansing is  not only the most effective solution, it is the ONLY solution. 

Addressing individual symptoms, alleviates the symptom, but the underlying cause (the chronic congestion) not only remains, but is often made worse by the treatment. 

The Raw Truth

Humans are either part of or very similar to the Primate family. There is only around 1% variance between the DNA of a human and a Chimp or a Bonobo. Since we possess a such a similar physiological system, it makes sense that we would thrive on similar sources of nourishment.

The bonobo is an omnivorous frugivore; 57% of its diet is fruit, but this is supplemented with leaves, honey, eggs,[57] meat from small vertebrates such as anomalures,flying squirrels and duikers,[58] and invertebrates." Wikipedia

It  stands to reason then, that the human species is either frugivore, or an omivorous frugivore. Currently, it is classified as an omnivore. 

Various mammals are omnivorous in the wild, such as species of pigs,[37] badgersbearscoatiscivetshedgehogsopossumsskunksslothssquirrels,[38] raccoons,chipmunks,[39] mice,[40] and rats.[41] Hominidae, including humans and chimpanzees, are also omnivores.

The Healing Diet

This fact that humans may thrive primarily on fruit can be reverse engineered as well. Put a human with any level of illness on a diet of strictly fruit, and the illness will begin to reverse itself. Mono-dieting (eating one type of food) enhances this effect. Primates mono-diet in the wild, when they find a food source. Humans have known this since ancient times. There are ancient Vedic cleanses that include consuming only one kind of melon for a given length of time, for instance. 

After a certain duration, the bodily systems will be entirely healed and balanced; not only that, but the psychological systems as well. This fact has been stumbled on in various forms by people throughout history. Many ancient spiritual communities were fruitarian or raw. In 1923 Johanna Brandt stumbled on the The Grape Cure while working as a nurse supporting ailing clients. Arnold Ehret and other naturalists from the early 20th century came to the same conclusion, after experimenting on their own illnesses for decades. Later, they treated thousands of patients through their fruit remedy, often interworked with fasting. 

In nature, animals live by instinct and eat their ideal diet. This is thrown off somewhat when humans destroy their environment or drive them into a foreign environment, so that needs to be taken into consideration as well. For instance, Gorillas in their native environment subsist mostly on fruit, but when driven up into the mountains to escape development and poachers, they shift to eating more greens. 

Humans, on the other hand, do not live by instinct. We are tool makers, and meaning-makers. We confabulate great stories in our minds, and live by those. This blessing is also our curse. Our brilliance is also our downfall.  

If you put a piece of fruit and a vegetable in front of baby or a young toddler, they will choose the fruit. Put a steak or a fruit in front of a baby, and they will choose the fruit. The eating of non- ideal foods is a learned behavior. If it were not learned, 99% of the diseases we suffer from would not exist. 

Similarly, the milk of herbivores is detrimental to the human system, simply because it is not ideal food for humans, due to the nutrient ratio, which differs massively from that found in human and primate milk. If you are for some reason starving, and milk is your only option, it might be a viable option. Otherwise, it is not. It will only poison and pollute the system further, creating more complications. Stick to primate milk. 

The Fallacy of Nutrients

Again, I turn to the composition of primate milk, in this case human milk, as an illustration of this point. We learn to be obsessed with nutrient intake. Human milk is 1.5% protein, .087% minerals. 

It isn't the quantity of a nutrient, but the correct nutrient, coupled with the intelligence in the living food, that sustains us. 

We sometimes focus on nutrients, to the detriment of our bodies. Particularly protein, but also supplementation of vitamins and minerals, many of which are not efficiently utilized by the system. Sometimes, doing less would be more healing. For instance, one of the most healing approaches to physiological complaints is fasting; intake of nothing. Water fasting is healing, and dry fasting (reducing intake even further) is even more healing. So where did we get that concept of nutrition?

Marketing. It's marketing by the interests that want to sell us certain products, and maintain control over food supplies. In a few cases, there may also be misinformation supported by skewed scientific studies, or the results of scientific studies misconstrued. Scientific studies are testing of a hypothesis, and until they can recreate the complexity of the human system, they remain merely a theory.  

Most theories don't hold true when applied to life. This is a disconnect between the knowledge and the application. The only way to truly test a healing modality is to test the healing modality on individuals, in earnest. 


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