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This location is at 620 Dry Creek Road, the northernmost exit in Healdsburg. It is used as a weekend rental; I just have it available to use on certain weekdays, for those who prefer its central location to the more remote Cazadero location. Since it is an overnight rental on weekends, you'll notice a kitchen, a bed, a couch, a few electronics, and a rustic country decor.  

The benefit is that overnight stays are available, for those coming from afar. In those cases, I can meet you there, perform the session, and then leave you to integrate. 

If you prefer the Cazadero location, please let me know. It is a cabin nestled in the redwoods, off the beaten path, where I have seen clients since 2015. I find that it has a profound healing energy; the trade off is the longer commute. 

Directions to healdsburg

620 is on the south side of Dry Creek Road, just a few driveways off of the 101. Please pull in and park alongside the second building.  That is the building we will be meeting in. The door is just around the corner, toward the road.

Please try not to block the dirt driveway, as it is used by other residents. 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Love and Flow,


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