Flow Healing Arts

The Beauty of Moving Forward

Healing Trauma in Sonoma County

Since 2011, I have been supporting clients in healing emotional, physical, and sexual trauma through a diverse range of somatic practices. Through touch and compassionate conversation, we will discover where the past is still tangled up in your system, so we can release it at the root. You'll feel a greater freedom and more ease in various areas of your life. In other words, more FLOW. 

I'm a somatic life enhancement, and a somatic therapist, but what my work is really about is freedom; freedom from your past and from your core wounds. 

Flow Healing Arts was located in Alameda, California. Later, I relocated to Sebastopol, California. And currently I work with clients in Cazadero, California, in Sonoma County, from the tranquility of the redwood forest. 

Specialities include:

  • healing physical chronic physical conditions and disease, many of which are linked to stagnant energy, due to previous trauma
  • healing chronic relationship patterns
  • supporting in the grieving process
  • reclaiming personal power or the voice 
  • general life enhancement through mastering 'negative' voices
  • clearing energetic attachments
  • detoxification and healing through diet, fasting, and herbs
  • birth trauma
  • rebuilding trust around the masculine (for women)
  • cultivating clarity around life direction
  • postural or gait issues

The system I use is a unique, systemless system. It is not EMDR, Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing, TRE. Though I think any of those (and other modalities) are helpful in dislodging trauma, they are not as profound as working through all layers at once, as we will do together. 

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