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Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Rapture: Sacred Intimacy as a Healing Path

What's between you and the relationship you desire? 

  • You were physically or emotionally abused when you were young, so you're unable to fully trust anymore
  • Your heart was shattered when you were younger, so you're afraid to love again
  • Your parents did X or Y so you're destined to do the same
  • If anyone truly knew you, they’d know that you're unloveable
  • X said Y when I was (age) and you believed them
  • A parent was not affectionate or nurturing, so you cannot give or receive love because you don't know how
  • You keep recreating the relationships your parents had
  • You simply have a pattern of self sabotage

You're in the right place!

I know, it sometimes it can feel like... 

  • you're 'broken' and need to be 'fixed.' 
  • Your 'issues' will haunt you forever and continue to destroy your relationships

Don't get caught in that trap, because it isn't true! 

There is something you can do to shift this.

And it isn't what you've been trying. 

Each of the patterns above contains a very specific message. 

And once you discover what it is, the pattern loses its grip on you.

Intimacy can become what it was meant to be... 

a path to your deepest healing. 

Until you take the time to understand and unravel your oldest, most stubborn patterns, they will continue to show up. Forever. Guaranteed. 

The Rapture principle

90% of your relationship 'issues' probably have nothing to do with 'masculine/feminine' dynamics, stress, or communication problems. 

They are simply old, unconscious patterns repeating themselves. 

Since most people have no idea what's going on, they're condemned to repeat the same patterns again and again. 

I think you're ready for something different. Or you wouldn't be here. 

First off, remember that if a pattern is showing up, it's for a reason... 

Its ready to be healed. 

How does this work? 

Phase 1. Discovery

Patterns began forming the instant you were born. The first step is to discover and decode the patterns. 

This can only be done through an intricate process of tracking thoughts and emotions, recording physical sensations, and delving into your personal history in a whole new way. This is reinforced with coaching to break down the subtle (and often brilliant) ways you're holding onto your old ways. We notice how the pieces of a pattern connect. I call this 'mapping the constellation.' 

Phase 2. Clearing

Once we understand a pattern and how it works, it loses all power over us. We can still decide to live within the pattern, but it won't be as satisfying. 

Then we simply need to take gentle (or big) risks and nudge ourselves outside of our comfort zone, so what was comfortable before 'the pattern' gives way to our new desires. We need support in challenging moments like these, and you will have it during this program. 

Phase 3. Creation

It is possible to thrive in relationships built entirely on love, and throw FEAR and OBLIGATION out the window.

First we need to get clear on your personal needs and desires around relationships.

It can be difficult to see this through the fog of cultural and familial values that we've inherited. I will show you ways to courageously get in touch with your own truth, instead of living in someone else's box. 

Phase 4. Sacred Intimacy

Sacred Intimacy is not something you wait for or wish for. It's something you create, by aligning with your core and loving from that place.

And it's not constrained to your romantic partners. I'll show you how to invite it into the most ordinary moments. Then, when it overflows into your love life, it will feel completely natural. 

Phase 5. Rapture

You're free to dance outside of your old patterns and co-create the deepest intimacy of your life.

You see challenges in love as the call to an even deeper level of loving and living. Where most people would turn and run, you go into the rapture and LOVE!


Are you ready to break free of your crushing love patterns? 


Here is your chance...

The Details... 

What is it? 

A 12 week system designed around regular online group meetings, an online community, with me and a network of original resources that will support you in recreating your intimate life from the ground up

When is it?

  • March 12 - June 12

What will we be doing? 

  • Discovering the patterns in your life that have been repeating themselves since birth (literally).  
  • Defining critical distinctions between 'sacred' and 'mundane' intimacy so you know where you are
  • Physical and emotional cues to know when you're slipping into the realms of the 'mundane'
  • Decoding the sacred messages from your body
  • Practicing Vulnerability, and the little known Art of Crying
  • Cultivating Ways to love from your innocence rather than cling through your wounds
  • Creating custom, personalized rituals for releasing energetic ties
  • Finding ways to celebrate the parts of you you've been trying to 'fix' 
  • Balancing the 3 Bodily Centers (and reinforcing that intimacy can't happen without embodiment) 
  • Building your own Sacred Intimacy practices- Outrageous, Creative Expressions of LOVE
  • Dismantling the silly myths around 'attracting the perfect mate' 
  • Stopping energy leaks and Redirecting Sexual Energy for Healing

What's included?

  • 9 Group Online Meetings with ME (3 per month) where we'll unravel the mystery of ' Sacred Intimacy' (with Q and A) 
  • Weekly Action Steps so you can bring the distinctions out into your LIFE at your own pace
  • Recordings of All Events so you can listen at your convenience
  • An Online Forum for Support and Connection
  • Exclusive Weekly Email, the Rapture™ Inner Circle- Outlining The Healing Journey and Introducing new Distinctions 
  • Assigned Accountability Partners for additional support (if desired) 
  • A Year of Access to The Flow Inner Circle - ($300 Value) with access to original resources I use with clients for self exploration and clearing
  • Additional opportunities to work with me in person (or via Skype) at discounted rates

Plus a couple of BONUSES... :

Here is a snapshot of just a few of the illuminating resources we'll use to zero in on your most persistent patterns:


What will you REALLY get?

  • More profound intimacy in relationships 

  • A dedicated support system so you can build momentum and move forward gracefully 

  • Clarity around the stories you're carrying in your body and mind
  • More flow, physically and emotionally 
  • A chance to reframe your 'stories' so that they lose their grip on you
  • Increased feelings of trust, safety, stability, and security
  • Personalized tools for finding inner peace in difficult moments
  • Greater Freedom from negative thoughts
  • Increased self love and self acceptance
  • A deeper understanding of your unique balance of masculine / feminine energies
  • Space to discover and complete what is unresolved in your life
  • Renewed HOPE

What's the risk?

  • None.


That's part of my FLOW GUARANTEE.

Will it fit around your schedule? 

If you miss live calls, you can download all of the materials and do them right along with us or at your own pace. Simple. 

How much is it? 

It costs thousands of dollars to work with me in person. 

I really wanted to keep this option within reach for you, to remove any potential barriers. 


It's only



There is no further amount due for any option. 


Are you ready to experience the beauty of moving forward

Reserve your space now

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Watching extraordinary people like you experience the beauty of moving forward has been one of the great joys of my life. 

I'll see you on the other side!

Love and Flow,


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“Shaman, magician, healer. I have never felt so much joy in the unraveling of self! Each session is so beautifully crafted and designed specifically for you. He is undeniably among the amazing few chosen to heal.”
-Tony Demartile, Entrepreneur, Photo-artist, Emeryville, California


“Steven helped me address the most powerful blocks and emotional traumas I had incurred throughout my life. Never have I been able to go so deep into my shadow or entrust anyone with that dark part of me until Steven began working with me.  I’ve had access to more profound healing than any other practice I have tried. 
His ability to guide transformation is borderline genius."
Mari McRoberts, Scottsdale Arizona. Founder at Spira Institute of the Healing Arts


“My experience with Steven has been life changing, and I don’t say this lightly.  
You will experience major break throughs and your life will change.  It is not easy in the moment. You will become a more succinct version of yourself, which ultimately brings deep, satisfying peace.”
-Tamara Albaitis, Artist, San Francisco, California.


“The work Steven does goes right to the heart of issues both on a physical & emotional level. I find myself feeling huge emotional & physical releases, so much so that at the end of a session, my body feels completely different and I’m unable to move in the way that I’ve been accustomed to.  Thank you so much, Steven, for how deeply you tune in and really care about seeing your clients evolve!”
Siri Scull, Wellness Practitioner, North Bay, California


“When I went to his office, I was there to try to uncover the emotional issue behind my back pain. After he started to do his work, I realized that not only was he going to help me get rid of the back issue, but I thought “this guy is literally holding the key to my future happiness.” So, I shoved a credit card at him and hired him on the spot.
When I left his office, I sat in my car when I left his office and cried. I felt a sense of relief, that there was someone out there who could help me feel… less “fucked up.” I remember thinking “thank god I had this back pain, thank god I had this back pain.” It led me to him.
In 3 sessions my back pain was completely gone. I started to uncover HUGE relationship issues, vulnerability issues, and big trust issues. I felt the way past trauma was stored in my body. I also got more in touch with my body than I’ve ever been in my life, and my intuition got sharper, I became even more self-aware, and I started to notice my relationships and business change too. He’s one of the most amazing healers I’ve ever met.”

-Anastasia Netri, Business Coach, Dublin, California



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