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The beauty of moving forward

Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

A history of FLOW: Healing is Inevitable

Read slowly.

When a series of awakening experiences culminated in a broken neck in 2008, I set out on a journey of transformation. I'd already been obsessed with 'being' and 'awakening' to what was real. I'd studied the intellectual explorations of being, including, mostly Zen and its offshoots.

Accompanied by this piercing pain in my neck, I scrambled to learn everything I could about healing. Healing and awakening turned out to be parallel paths. Healing meant 'awakening' to the Earth; about bringing understanding down, down, down. Disease was a disconnection from nature, or even reality. It required living in concepts.

I began to formulate beliefs systems that created space for healing, and to refine touch-based protocols that supported healing and awareness. Clearing out energetic obstructions allowed the life force to surface. Love could surface. Likewise, awareness heightens through a series of specific questions, coupled with physical sensations. I coupled this with dietary cleansing early on, to clear other pathways. We clear pathways, and then we set an intention, and a torrent of energy is free to FLOW toward that intention.

In the current framework, healing is impossible. At least it's against all odds.

But when you set up the right set of circumstances, healing becomes inevitable. Not healing becomes impossible.

Are you ready to be free? It's not a simple question. Are you willing to do what you need to do to heal? Most people aren't. Most people would rather complain about their wounds. Or even suffer them silently, as a way to get back at someone. Of course, you are not most people, are you?

Love and flow.

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