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Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Emotional and Physical Healing with Dietary Cleansing (Fruit Based) including religious and historical research

For decades, I've been refining my dietary practices, falling off the wagon, and climbing back on. Discovering truths, and always seemingly missing pieces. Perhaps you've experienced a similar trajectory? 

Recently, I've committed to finding my deepest healing and my greatest vitality; living as a full expression of my potential. This goes against the grain of... well... the entire culture, so in embarking, I noticed some, what I might call 'gravity' pulling me down. 

Nourishment is the cornerstone of vitality. There are various forms of nourishment (which I'll go into shortly). But I believe that if diet is not considered, healing can only go so deep. 

I've spent the last 6 months researching and committing to the most intense healing diets I could find; I began with the Gerson Diet, and it evolved from there, to a mostly fruit diet. 

I took this logical route: I looked up diets that were supportive in healing the most 'terminal' "disease" there is: Cancer. If it can heal cancer, I thought, it can heal anything. 

What I discovered might surprise you. 

Why I Wrote This

My personal symptoms have been on the rise over the years. Before any symptom fully abated, a new one would crop up and sit on top of it; symptoms like soreness, congestion, a sinus infection, toothaches, soreness, thinning hair, dry scalp, fatigue, a facial rash, dry skin, blurred vision, light sleep. I can trace them back to various points in my life... some all the way back to infancy. 

So I found myself sitting there, pondering old age. At 37. I shook it off. In philosophy, I don't believe in age, and struggle and strive against linear time. But in practicality, I was 'aging' outside of my philosophy. 

Instead of moving into old age and continually adding to this ever expanding list, I resolved to finally begin healing at the root. Unwinding and resolving symptoms, one by one. 

The idea that we MUST decline into old age and become riddled with diseases, is in my mind the cruelest programming. We might age gracefully, as certain ancient cultures are purported to have, and even a few more modern ones (Okinawans and Abkhazia instance). 

The scientifically accepted view is that the genetical potential of the human lifespan suggests that we should live to around 120 to 140 years old. And it is possible to do this without illness. (This is another form of programming - we might be able to live much longer than that). 

Ok, so how to we unlock our full potential? 

What is disease, really? 

Healing diseases requires a powerful reframe about what disease is. 

Put simply: 


A toothache, for instance, could be the body saying 'take a break from eating.' A rash or flaking skin could be a congested lymph system shedding toxins. Low energy could be a sign that we need to rest. A runny nose or a cough a way to clear mucus and whatever it contains. 

Allopathic or mainstream medicine fails as a treatment system because it merely works at the symptom level. Suppress one symptom, and another invariably arises, because the underlying root hasn’t been addressed. The body will never stop trying to come into balance. It's this perennial drive toward life that we embody. 

To complicate matters, the medical 'treatment' usually makes matters worse. It suppresses the symptom and stifles the body's attempts to heal itself. And it does this using poisons (pharmaceuticals, radiation, chemotherapy, etc). 


"The conventional medical profession sees this effort by the body to eliminate these toxins and mucus as “diseases” and tries to stop this effect with toxic-chemical pharmaceuticals which only add to the problem. These preparations suppress the body’s elimination of the mucus and/or poisons. The immune system becomes suppressed and overworked as it battles this tremendous insult to the body. Remember: what you don’t eliminate, you accumulate. This eventually leads to chronic and degenerative issues, not to mention simple boils or tumor masses."
Morse, Robert (2013-09-11). The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration (Kindle Locations 6323-6326). SCB Distributors. Kindle Edition. 

The fact that one in two people will soon be diagnosed with cancer is a clear sign to me that the allopathic chemical treatment model is utterly failing.  

The Allopathic Medical system can be useful for life threatening emergencies. Nourishment is a much more effective treatment for symptoms, because it can allow the underlying cause to heal. 

So if treating the symptom doesn't work, and we need to treat the root, what is the root? 

The Root of all Disease

“All disease begins in the gut.”
Hippocrates (circa 430 BC). 

That is a quote going all the way back, already touching on the core of the issue. There has been much 'unlearning' since then. Similar sentiments are mirrored in the ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

So if disease begins in the gut, it would seem that the root of all disease comes down to nourishment, to food, and more specifically, to the elimination of wastes. 

John Armstrong healed many 'incurables' by having them fast and drink nothing but their own urine until the symptoms cleared. In his opinion: 

"... all diseases from anaemia to cancer, provided they are not produced by some structual alteration or some deep-seated psychological cause, have their origin in wrong feeding."

Armstrong, John W (2011-08-31). The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy (p. 49). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

Arnold Ehret, who also cured 'incurables' at his Sanitorium for Fruit and Fasting in Switzerland, wrote a classic work "The Mucus-less Diet Healing System" in which he set out to prove: 

"First— That in food (in diet) lies 99.99% of the causes of all diseases and imperfect health of any kind. 

Second— That consequently, all healing, all therapeutics will continue to fail as long as they refuse to place the most important stress on diet."

Ehret, Arnold (2012-05-07). Mucusless Diet Healing System (p. 86). Book Publishing Co. Kindle Edition.

Interestingly, just after Ehret finished his book and begin a series of lectures, he died of a head injury. (He slipped on a Los Angeles sidewalk and cracked his skull, dying instantly). If that's not unlikely, I don't know what is. 

The two books referenced above are from the early 20th century. The reason  I've been leaning toward older books for information is because the system was somewhat less corrupted earlier in the twentieth century. It was before the pharmaceutical establishment was such a behemoth, and disinformation was more difficult to disseminate (via the internet).

Now we have this idea that 'health' books are quickly made obsolete by advances in science. I encourage you to challenge this view.

The Three Bodily Centers

Working from this thesis, that improper DIET is at the root of all disease, I want to make a few more distinctions that I've found helpful. 

In my somatic work with clients and emotional clearing at Flow Healing Arts, I often talk about the ’Three centers’ of the body;

  1. Head
  2. Heart
  3. Sexual Center.

Through my own practice with clients, I've found that how these centers align physically can impact how they are functioning energetically. A center out of alignment impairs energetic and physical flow to that area, because it shuts down the spinal and therefore the nerves that run information to the organs in that area. For the curious, I made a little video about this HERE. 

Gurdjieff also spoke about three centers, The Intellectual, the Emotional, and the Instinctual / Movement Center. In Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson, humans are referred to as 'three centered beings.' The centers in his system are further divided into higher and lower functions. They don’t necessarily correlate with the exact locations in the body as the ones I use, though they are very similar. I’ll go into those more deeply in another post. 

Parasites as an adversary to Health and Vitality

As health is slowly eroded over years and decades of bodily abuse stemming from ignorance and disinformation, parasites can overtake these centers and wreak havoc on the organs in their vicinity, and eventually lead to a deadly 'disease.' 

Diseases are simply a constellation of symptoms that medical science has named, somewhat arbitrarily. The fact is, if you look up 'incurable' diseases, the body can 'cure' most (if not all) of them using the right system of eating (or NOT eating: ie, fasting). 

Disease is simply the body attempting to bring itself into balance; working against the 'adversary.' 

I use the term parasites loosely, in alignment with the dictionary definition: 

“an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.”

This can include worms, flukes, single cell organisms like Giardia, colonies of yeast, other strains of non-beneficial bacteria, etc. 

What do Parasites have to do with Healing? 

In the course of my healing dietary experiments, I’ve noticed the ebb and flow of a discernible energy which I would name ‘parasitic.’ I realized how much of a role these energies had played in my day to day life.


A theory: These parasites are a vast network of intelligence, ancient and evolved, and work as a network, slowly possessing the entire body.

Parasites can only thrive in a specific environment. They require an excess of mucus and an acidic environment, which is perpetuated by an overly acidic diet over years and a backed up colon, preventing the timely elimination of wastes. The parasites produce wastes, too, which compounds the problem.

If they possess even the simplest, rudimentary drive toward life, their only chance for survival is to tap into our system and stimulate cravings for 'foods' and stimuli that feed them. 

The Role of Mucus

The body produces ‘mucus’ in response to inflammatory stimuli and foods, as a layer of protection. If inflammatory foods make up the majority of what we eat, for years, the process can overtake us, and more and more mucus begins to build up; more and more parasites are able to take root. Organs function less optimally; elimination slows; wastes poison the bloodstream... etc. 

Through working on himself and with patients, Ehret discovered that clearing out this 'mucus' may be the most direct pathway to the deepest healing, hence he named his system the 'Mucus-less Diet Healing System.' Catchy title, no? 

A Chinese Healer, Master Wang, theorized, based on ancient Taoist teachings, that ‘parasites’ use this mucus to move around within the body. Without the mucus, there no substrate for them to operate in. (See his book: Ancient Wisdom for Total Vitality through Hydration and Alkalinity). 

Relevant Tangent: It reminds me of Ghost Busters 2. In order to animate and take control of the Statue of Liberty, the Ghost Busters sprayed pink slime all over the interior of the statue, and through that slime, the statue could be controlled by them. (If this is not symbolic, I don't know what is). Because I'm going to go into how this becomes a part of a system of control that is brilliant.  

Master Wang also points out that in certain Buddhist writings, the ‘three centers’ are referred to as the ‘three corpses.’ They start out ‘non-animate’, and need to be animated, or brought to life, through conscious effort. Interestingly, 'dead centers' are akin to corpses, and corpses have 'worms.' Worms are associated with death, and a lack of worms... with aliveness. 

'Suffering' Begins at Birth

"What is the Noble Truth of Suffering? Birth is suffering, aging is suffering, sickness is suffering, dissociation from the loved is suffering, not to get what one wants is suffering: in short the five categories affected by clinging are suffering."

According to some prominent philosophies, we begin life ‘in debt,’ karmically and otherwise, in a hole, and it is our role to climb out of it, toward conscious action and greater vitality. The opportunity for healing becomes a part of life. 

If you think of this in terms of birth trauma (which some, like Stanislav Grof, postulate to be the first iteration of and the basis of ALL life trauma), this makes sense.  

When we pass through the birth canal (if we pass through the birth canal and are not the product of a C-section), we receive our first inoculation of beneficial bacterial flora. This sets the state for the struggle against the 'adversaries'; parasites and ill health. Breast milk helps keep our interior environment in balance. (Some of us receive formula instead, deepening the debt).

We immediately begin to accumulate toxins based on drugs or toxins that were in the mother's system during our fetal experience, chemicals in the breast milk, chemicals in the environment, antibiotics, etc etc. We inherit genetic weaknesses and even cellular memory of prior trauma, and it's compounded by our own trauma. 

I'm interested in the deepest healing possible. So I'm going to take a little diversion here, which I think adds a level of nuance to the argument. 

Some Unexpected Clues in Early Christian Literature 

First of all, I'm in no way religious, though I am devoutly spiritual. I am often scouring old religious texts for clues. 

Recently, I stumbled on a few interesting books which I wanted to touch on here. 

The Healing God Spell of Saint JohnInterestingly, this book is purported to be an ancient gnostic gospel translated by the mostly fruitarian ‘Hermit Saint of the Andes’, Johnny Lovewisdom. It is all about healing via the ideal diet and lifestyle, as taught by 'The Christ' and 'John the Baptist.' 

“Now, let us embrace in Mind the Supreme Truth, that states: “Anyone whosoever strictly keeps the Commandments of our Mother in Nature, honoring them daily, SHALL NEVER BE SICK”!" 
"Mother Nature in her power of Great Compassion shall cast out Satan who takes possession of men’s hearts, causing them to do evil, to defraud, to commit crimes and even to kill. Yet when Satan has been cast out of your heart, and it becomes the dwelling of the Angel of Life, your way of living will radically be changed: You shall become good, kind, righteous, honest and you shall love one another as much as yourself, including even those who hate you, and likewise, you shall love every creature that God created on earth.”
Lovewisdom, Johnny (2013-11-12). THE HEALING GOD SPELL OF SAINT JOHN (Kindle Locations 314-318). Paradisian publications. Kindle Edition. 


The word Satan, written SaTaNA is derived from STA meaning to “lead astray, miss the mark”.
Lovewisdom, Dr. Johnny (2013-11-12). The Buddhist Essene Gospel of Jesus   Volume One (Kindle Location 878). Paradisian publications. Kindle Edition. 

It is also sometimes translated as 'The Adversary.' 


Here's an excerpt from the same book that explains it: 

“Lord, have mercy on me, heal me. I know you are the Messenger of God, and that you have the power to loosen my twisted members, and cast out Satan who causes me the torment within me. He gnaws at my intestines, he chokes me in my throat and he gags me when I try to breathe.”
"One of the sick one’s family added, “Master, I have seen this with my own eyes that he has the devil within his body, because I have seen this devil appear in the mouth of the patient while he was asleep. I saw his very face which was round, with big eyes and whiskers around his mouth.
The Anointed nodded foreword, affirming that he knew what the man was describing. But John also then turned to the side where the group of his disciples who he was teaching the secrets of healing were, and explained to them: “It is not simply an evil spirit, or a Satan, that is lodged within this man’s body, for this is an advanced case of hookworm. This worm got into this man’s body years ago when it was less visible in form carried by unclean food eaten by the patient. Thru the years this worm lived lodged within the digestive tract, feeding upon the food that the patient ate. Thus after a number of years now it measures about 4 cubits. Now, after fasting a few days, the patient is greatly tormented by his worm, which from lack of food, hungers, and has become angry, tossing and coiling within his belly."
"When the corpulent worm finds no food within the body to eat, it may even appear at the mouth, or choke and smother the patient by stopping up the breathing passages. Since people are rarely accustomed to seeing such a thing, their explanation calls this worm Satan, so by this name I will have to call the hookworm so the multitude will understand me."
"Soon you shall see Satan, face to face, his frightening countenance, and then you shall all be convinced as to the power of the Angels of God when they cast Satan out of the patient."
"Immediately, Jesus milked a mare, a she-ass, that was grazing nearby, and the milk in the earthenware pan heated by the sun gave off the aroma of fresh milk when placed under the nose of the patient, and the Anointed then said: “Behold, the three Angels of the Lord shall now perform a miracle which you shall witness with your own eyes. The Angel of Water rules over the essential component of milk, and the Angel of Sunshine shall warm it and the vapor of the milk rising up shall enter the patient’s nose, being draw within by the lungs, and consequently the vapor shall enter the devil’s own nostrils, which will please Satan because he esteems fresh milk especially. And so it happened, because then the milk’s vapor in the pan heated by the blazing hot sun began to rise, it filled the air with an agreeable odor.
The Christ held the head of the invalid in his lap, and brought the earthenware tray closer to the patient’s nose, saying, “Breathe in deeply so the Angels of Water, Sunshine and Air within the milk’s vapor re-possess your body, and cast out Satan. “The invalid breathed deeply of the milk’s vapor rising from the pan of milk. Again, the Anointed encouraged his patient further, saying, “Now, do not lose faith, there is no need to despair, because Satan shall immediately leave your body by your mouth, since he is overcome by hunger because you forced him to fast several days. Summoned by the welcome odor of fresh milk, he shall come out of hiding to partake of the warm milk, because FRESH MILK IS THE FAVORITE FOOD OF SATAN. Then suddenly, the body of the patient was seized with ague as he sought to vomit but could not. He gasped for air but could not breathe, causing him to faint, as the Healer held his head and held open his mouth to the air. Now pointing to the mouth of the invalid, the Healer-Savior in John said, “Look within the patient’s mouth, because you shall see Satan already coming out”.
They all looked as he bid them, and to their horror, and astonishment, they all saw Satan slowly, and cautiously, coming out of the fainted victim’s mouth going straight into the pan of milk. Then, the Savior took advantage of this situation and beheaded the aforesaid Satan, which was pulled out of the patient’s helpless body which the abominable beast had tormented for so many years, the victim recovered his breath, breathed deeply and cried with tears of joy. 
"Now that this may not occur again, you must not feed upon such abominable foods as you did before, so that your body may become pure and clean. Then, it shall become a Temple of the Lord, your God, who shall live within you in the dwelling of your heart."
Lovewisdom, Johnny (2013-11-12). THE HEALING GOD SPELL OF SAINT JOHN (Kindle Locations 1415-1422). Paradisian publications. Kindle Edition. 

So in this context, Satan was literally a giant hookworm, which for your reference, looks like this:


Now we don't all necessarily have hookworms, though some of us may. Everyone in contemporary culture likely has some parasitic infestation. Live blood work can often confirm this. 

If you want to explore the variants of parasites in the intestines, use google. You'll see some disturbing images. People after Master Cleanses and in various parasite cleanse forums show some pretty grotesque pictures. Some of the creatures look like little dragons. I'll spare you the pictures here. 


For many of us, yeast is our parasite. I’ve had 'yeast' issues for decades. My greatest successes against this ‘adversary’ has been through fasting, the Master Cleanse, and this recent diet of mostly fruit and raw vegetables. 

During stages of die off, symptoms become intense. A rash on my face and an itchy scalp. Intense depression and deep craving for sugar and starch. The itching was severe. I literally gritted my teeth and did whatever I could to take my mind off of the cravings. I felt like Odysseus having to be tied to the mast so as to avoid being lured in by the sirens. The cravings were visionary, and I imagined what a heroine addict might feel like.

That is how strong the call was… for ANYTHING  that would tilt the inner environment of my body back toward the ideal for the parasites. 


Well, for one thing, soon after I passed white clouds of mucus / yeast in the stools, the cravings completely subsided. I suddenly felt like a version of myself again (until the next wave).  

Parasites and Cancer

Hulda Clark believed that parasites were at the root of all diseases and cancers. (Recommended reading: The Cure for All Diseases). She has been vilified by mainstream medicine, so see what you read about her online in that light.

The fact that she had been attacked so fiercely is, for me, interesting. I recommend her cleanses and herbal recipes, more so than her 'zapping' devices, personally. She thought she had discovered the frequency that would kill parasites without harming the body, and you could run this current through yourself and clean out the system. It's possible. 


Again, parasites are dependent upon a polluted system. So what feeds parasites is anything that congests the digestive system. 

This comes down to foods that are not 'water-rich' or full of living water. 

  1. Meat. 
  2. Dairy
  3. Nuts
  4. Grains
  5. Processed Foods / refined sugar

The theory is, if you want people to be easy to control, they need to become the ideal breeding ground for parasites. There are all sorts of conspiracy theories around why you would want people to be easy to control. For this article, we can keep it at one dynamic... money. 

The multinational corporations have their stake in the above industries. Once you are hooked on cereal with milk, for instance, you are a very profitable customer. The health issues you may endure due to dietary choices will make you an ideal customer for the healthcare industry. Etc. 

So it's important to note that these multinational corporations are also lobbyists for the government and fund political candidates. 

So how to create an ideal customer? First, weaken the immune system. Then disseminate some misinformation. 

(PS. Doctors aren't aware of many of these dynamics. They are often trained by the pharmaceutical companies). 


Antibiotics are prescribed like candy for almost every ailment under the sun. I once was prescribed them for thrush, and it nearly killed me. They are very profitable and easy to sell. 

There are a few caveats with antibiotics. 

Firstly, they wipe out your beneficial flora, so that parasites can easily take over. Yeast often arises during repeated series' of antibiotics. 

Secondly, they contain chemicals that are stored in the tissues, and take years to purge. In Iridology, the study of the soft tissues of the body by using the Iris is a 'window to the soul', a reddish ring around the pupil of a brown eye can often indicate sulfur needing to be removed from the system. 

I can say that I took antibiotics annually for quite a few years whenever bronchitis occurred. A few months ago, on a cleansing diet, I coughed up a metallic 'antibiotic' taste. I wouldn't have been able to describe what it was like, but right when I tasted it, I was hurled back into 1987. 

So, my personal suggested would be to only see antibiotics as a last resort. Or you could spend years rebuilding your beneficial bacterial flora and clearing out toxins from your system. 

Disinformation: The Protein Myth

When I tell people what I'm eating, they immediately say 'what do you do for protein?' When I first started the diet, I heard this continual refrain in my skull: 'Are you getting enough protein?' 

Arnold Ehret thought that all protein turned to 'puss' within the body, because the body had to fight a piece of rotting flesh as though it were an invader. 

A concise overview of the protein myth comes, surprisingly, from Tony Robbins, who had been (in the past- I'm not sure what his current status is) a raw food advocate and champion of fruit: 

"Have you ever heard it said that if you tell a big enough lie loud enough and long enough, sooner or later people will believe you? Welcome to the wonderful world of protein. No bigger lie has ever been told than the one that human beings require a high-protein diet to maintain optimum health and well-being.
Chances are you're pretty conscious of your protein intake. Why is that? Some people are looking for an increased level of energy. Some think they need protein to help with endurance. Some eat it for strong bones. Excess protein has the exact opposite effect in all of those cases."
"Mother nature has provided a food, mother's milk, that supplies the infant with everything it needs. Guess how much o a mother's milk is protein- 50 percent, 25 percent, 10 percent? Too high in every case. MOther's milk is 2.38 percent protein at birth and reduces to 1.2-1.6% protein in six months. That's all."
"What's the greatest marketing plan on earth? It's making people think they'll die unless they use your product." 
Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power

Protein is a myth perpetuated by the dairy and meat industry.

I was looking up 'Protein' in the Oxford English Dictionary (the giant one you need a magnifying glass to read) and one of the earlier mentions of it in usage in regards to diet was: 

"1960. Farmer and Stockbreeder (a weekly publication). Lobolletes are protein-packed, rich in energy, and fully fortified with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements."
Oxford English Dictionary

(Does anyone know what a Lobolette refers to in this passage? There isn't a listing in the same dictionary for that word). 

Disinformation: Got Milk? 

Dairy is in the same camp. Ever heard the phrases 'Milk, It Does the Body Good.' or 'Got Milk?' Seen megastar athletes with a milk mustache? It's all advertising with absolutely no scientific backing.

My parents used to make me finish my milk because the television was advising them to make sure I had my calcium. I was encouraged to drink milk in school. This all came from advertising. There is no redeeming health benefit to milk, especially the pasteurized dairy farm milk most of us were forced to endure growing up. Raw milk might possibly have a redeeming quality that is yet to be discovered. It tastes good, but that is mostly because it is loaded with salt. 


Grains don't require as much advertising, or their advertising is more blatantly about the 'hook'. Because they are often paired with sugar and highly addictive. They feed the parasites directly, especially any processed grains. 

And look at where grains fit; they are the largest segment on the food pyramid. I suggest reading Grain Brain to discover some of the correlations between grains, particularly genetically modified wheat, and brain issues. There is another book: Breaking the Vicious Cycle, about cutting our certain types of carbohydrates to heal the gut that has been damaged by an evolved form of yeast. (It's called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet). The author found that when children adopted the diet, not only did their gut symptoms vanish, but their ADHD, Autism, and other such spectrum disorder symptoms vanished as well. 

The Ideal Diet for The Deepest Healing 

Big question. 

The dietetical problem, “What shall man eat to be healthy or to heal his disease”, is in fact THE problem of life, as little as it is considered or even known as the most important question. Long ago I coined the following phrase; “Life is a tragedy of nutrition.” The confusion and ignorance regarding what to eat is in fact so great that it must necessarily be called the “missing link” of the human mind.
Ehret, Arnold (2012-05-07). Mucusless Diet Healing System (pp. 86-87). Book Publishing Co. Kindle Edition. 

One diet I experimented regularly with was the Gerson Therapy Diet. The Gerson diet has a lot  of clinical background for supporting the healing of Cancer Patients through diet and supplementation. In 1946, the originator of the diet, Max Gerson, was so successful that he was brought before the Pepper-Neely anticancer subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations of the Seventy-ninth Congress. 

Here's an illuminating excerpt from his daughter's book:

"After his two Washington, D.C.-based investigators, a physician and an attorney, reported back to Senator Claude Pepper (D-Florida) that Dr. Max Gerson did, indeed, have a successful treatment for cancer for the first time in history, the United States Senate invited a medical doctor to demonstrate his specific therapeutic approach for curing cancer. Accordingly, Dr. Gerson brought five of his cured cancer patients and the records of five more for presentation before the Pepper-Neely anticancer subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations of the Seventy-ninth Congress. The impressive testimony of this anticancer specialist and his patients caused Senator Pepper to call a press conference for bringing information about the Gerson Therapy before the media. However, massive numbers of lobbyists for the immensely wealthy Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (PMA), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the American Cancer Society (ACS) prevailed on reporters to ignore the Gerson press conference and attend a cocktail party instead where free food would be served and libations would be flowing."

Gerson, Charlotte; Walker, Morton (2001-10-01). The Gerson Therapy -- Revised And Updated: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses (Kindle Locations 186-191). Kensington. Kindle Edition. 

Again, lobbyists prevented this profoundly healing diet from reaching the populace. Seeing a theme here? 

The Gerson Diet simply consists of whole, organic foods, and a glass of cold-pressed green or carrot / apple juice every waking hour, along with coffee enemas daily, or multiple times per day. (Coffee enemas intensely cleanse the liver, and Dr. Gerson thought that cleansing the liver was KEY to rapid healing). There are also some supplements. 

I used the Gerson Therapy Diet as a transition diet to a more raw / high fruit approach, though I didn't know at the time that that's what I was doing.


One of the brilliant pieces of Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System is that he built in a transition diet, so people could move into the system at their own pace without suffering too much. 


Gerson found that when he tried to re-introduce these foods, tumors would begin to grow.

Fat was kept at an absolute minimum, and only from one source (non-linolenic Linseed oil) and added salt cut out completely (even sodium rich produce like cucumbers and celery were not allowed in the juice). 

For the more complete picture, I suggest reading The Gerson Therapy -- Revised And Updated: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses

Notice no one says anything can 'cure' cancer. It's illegal. Hulda Clark said it, and she was banished to Mexico. Essentially, no diet 'cures' anything, but certain diets allow the body to 'heal' itself. 

High Protein Diets Like Paleo

Last year, I was on a Ketogenic diet. I was looking to build muscle. I was eating meat and dairy. I built muscle, but when I got to weighing 190, twice I got sick, both times. The symptoms that were old, one of which is a persistent cough, became intense. And a sinus infection, due to a tooth issue, kept becoming more and more inflamed. It was getting tenuous, since leaving a sinus infection alone for too long can be dangerous, and I'm averse to taking antibiotics after challenges with them in the past. 

The Gerson Therapy was helpful. It is relatively practical, in that you can follow it if you set your mind to it. For me, I wanted a quicker healing. I sensed it would take years to heal some of what I was experiencing. Gerson Therapy works well with tumors and cancer it seems. 

After that,  I discovered Dr. Morse and his book The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, and I decided to take it to another level. 

He and Johnny Lovewisdom agree that fruit is the ideal food of humans, and particularly in times of healing, being able to regenerate cells and neurological systems. Lovewisdom separated the life force energies that we derive from food two strains; into Seminal and Growth. Seminal is what keeps us alive and the life force flowing. Growth is what allows us to build muscle. Most of us need to find our balance between the two, but current systems are 90% growth energy. A tumor is 'growth', as is the precursor to a tumor, a cyst. 

Anything that is not ‘feeding’ your deepest self, your life force, is feeding your parasites and your diseases. Simply put. 

This can be offset somewhat if you are an ultra runner or a distance runner, or someone burning a lot of calories. That tips the scales somewhat, so that the body becomes more adept at burning non-foods. 

For me, I was making a list of my symptoms over the course of my life, as a sort of checklist I could check off, and what I noticed was… they did sort of move from the bottom, up. For instance, first, the gut, the sexual center, was congested (colon), and my belly was distended as a little one. Secondly, I often had bronchitis (heart center). And finally, a sinus / head infection / tooth issues. 

Similarly, my father and mother are currently experiencing challenges in the ‘head’ area, so it may be a genetic proclivity for being ‘overtaken’ in that order; my father’s being psychological, and my mother’s neurological. 

So, I reasoned, perhaps parasites need to be cleansed from the body, beginning with the colon and in general, and symptoms will unwind in reverse?  This is what I am experiencing now. 

It is difficult to gauge the compatibility with a particular diet when symptoms are frowned upon. Symptoms are the body's intelligence at work. 

For instance, eat only fruit for a while, and you might feel intense cleansing through the skin, bowels, breath, mouth, etc. A person who’d been indoctrinated into the system of symptom suppression, might be inclined to think of the diet as ‘making them sick.’ I know I would have not long ago. 

All fruits, raw or cooked; also nuts and green-leaf vegetables are mucus-free. All other foods of civilization, without exception, are mucus and acid-forming, and therefore are harmful.

Ehret, Arnold (2012-05-07). Mucusless Diet Healing System (p. 90). Book Publishing Co. Kindle Edition. 

(It is likely that Arnold's publisher and advocate added 'nuts' at a later date).

The Sources of Nourishment

I’d like to note here that FOOD is only ONE source of nourishment. 

There are others:

  • Sunlight
  • Air
  • Water
  • Gurdjieff includes ‘Sense Impressions’ 

The less congested the system is, the more it can draw nourishment, ‘Prana’ in sansrkit, from other sources. 

When I was in graduate school, a professor was telling me that when a group of Japanese business men were looking at his painting, they began breathing rapidly. They explained that they were taking in the essence of the picture, because it was full of chi, which evidently was derived from the 'sense impression.' 

Now the quote ‘You are either a liver or a diner’ makes more sense. Either you are eating to live, or living to eat. 


If it is a fact that food alone is chiefly to blame for all disease— as Nature so clearly demonstrates— then it is logical and self-evident that you can heal only by diet; and radically only, if necessary, with the most rational diet; fasting— Nature's only “remedy” in the animal kingdom.
Ehret, Arnold (2012-05-07). Mucusless Diet Healing System (pp. 88-89). Book Publishing Co. Kindle Edition. 

Fasting is the fastest way to healing for most issues. Even though many people do have ‘deficiencies’ of various minerals, fasts are still highly beneficial. For one thing, they reprogram the body to not be so addicted to constantly eating, and for another, the body enters a state of ketosis where waste products and damaged cells are used as fuel. 

Dr. Paul Bragg writes an intersting book on fasting. For the more spiritual side, I enjoyed 

I did a 10 day water fast in 2006, which was  a little too intense for most purposes. 

For the deepest healing possible. 

Instead, I advocate shorter fasts and master cleanses of various lengths (10 days). The fast period is critical, obviously, but so is what is eaten after the fast. 
Even a one day dry fast, with a lemon enema or two, followed by a day of fruit, can prpoduce profound clearing. 

Clearing Inner Darkness

The reason I brought up ‘Satan’ and the immensity of cravings earlier, is because what if the root of many (or all) addictions is a polluted system? 

Since eating mostly fruit, and raw food, I notice that even eating a cooked potato can sometimes launch me into a very dark place, which is interesting because it feels so familiar. I noticed more lust, desire, mind chatter, depressive tendencies, etc in those moments. I also crave more cooked foods, and it takes days to break free of that cycle, from where I am now in my healing. 

A few years ago, I ate a piece of chicken, and as I walked out into the parking lot, I could feel the suffering of the animal, and a dark shroud descended. I resolved never again to eat factory-farmed chicken. 

The Spiritual Component 

Lovewisdom wrote another interesting book called ‘The Ascensional Science of Fruitarian Dietetics’ where he goes into some of the history of spiritual communities relying mostly on fruit, as well as his own experiences experimenting with an all fruit diet. Sometimes it worked for him, and sometimes it didn't. 

Hereward Carrington's The Fruitarian Diet and and and X wrote books in this vein. 

Dr. Morse mentions “Eating only oranges quote”
Lovewisdom “Cherries”

The theme: If you eat only one fruit for a duration, mono-dieting, expect spiritual revelations. Usually, people who experiment with this choose to eat other things after a while to ‘come back down’ This is not to advocate eating like that as a standard practice, just to bring up the possibility. And historically, it might have made sense for early humans; finding a grove of fruit trees, and eating only those while they were in season, or cultivating in that manor. 

The first step, is overtaking cravings that are ‘bringing you down’.  Dr. Wang writes that Taoists, to overcome their cravings for rice, would move up into the forest and live on water and berries, so they could reach enlightenment. Master Xu Yun, in his epic autobiography Wandering Cloud, mentions living for years in a forest once, eating only pine needles. He remembers not thinking about food much, but when he noticed the desire to eat, he would reach out to the ground, and pick up some pine needles, stuffing them into his mouth. 

Is eating fruit a return to the garden of Eden?

I find this interesting. Not only eating fruit, but NOT EATING GRAIN. The not eating grain concept is catching on with Paleo people, and people who notice a sensitivity to it. For one thing, as we know, grain is a broad term, and most of us are sensitive to wheat because we grew up on genetically modified, pesticide-laden wheat, for one, and way too much of it. Wheat in ancient times was used medicinally, or for cleanses by certain people. (Raw and sprouted). As a staple, it creates a host of challenges. 

Also, the farming of large scale industrial monocrops devastates landsacpes, and certain deserts were even created by over farming (The Gobi, for instance). Also, animals are displaced, habitats destroyed, pesticide runnoff runs into rivers and lakes destroying ecosystems, etc. (The Vegetarian Myth). 

Living Water

You might have heard about water rich foods. Water is corrupted in many cultures around the world, by synthetic additives and chemicals. Purified water of various types is second best. What is BEST is living water. LIVING water comes from living fruits and vegetables. 

Read “Jesus” for many quotes about this and Jesus talking about ‘living water’. Lovewisdom thought that many enlightened communities from Buddhists, Jains, to Essenes, were raw foodists. 

There is a plethora of literature on raw food lately. It seems to be somethign of a fad. I have a few books on raw food ‘cooking’ myself. 

Some of it defeats the purpose. For instance, the diet is supposed to be to heal, to replenish the body's vital enzymes, and to awaken the inborn spiritual intelligence of the systems. 

If you’re switching to raw, but are equally addicted to food, in that sense, it might be hard to gain the full benefit. Also, the simpler the diet, the better. Especially during times of healing. Eating just one type of fruit at a meal, for instance, or just a few types of raw vegetables / herbs together. 

For the deepest healing, only fruit, and / or fasting. 

Greens seem to slow down the detoxification process slightly. Juiced greens are better during times of deep healing. If you do plan on juicing, I recommend the Greenstar Juicer or a slow-grind juicer, which preserves more of the enzymes. 

Natural fats slow the detoxification process down a LOT, though I don't personally find that it stops it (olive oil, raw, or avocado). I sometimes measure this by the coating on my tongue I get during periods of detoxification. I can eat a half an avocado and that will remain, but if I eat a few nuts, it vanished instantly. 

Protein stops the process entirely, and in fact, seems to reverse it, by adding congestion. 

So, if you want to embark on a journey of the deepest healing, through diet, here is a suggestion:

The MOST healing foods. 

(remember to choose organic, non GMO, always and IN SEASON and tree ripened wherever possible) 


  • Melons
  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Citrus (ripe) 
  • Other fruits 


Soaked Nuts / Seeds

Then cooked foods

Sprouted Whole Grains
Starchy Vegetables
Sweet potatoes
Regular Whole Grains  


Refined Grains
Grain Fed Meat
Raw Dairy
Pasteurized Dairy

The fact that fruit is denigrated in our culture, to me, translates as... "look it it more deeply." Many fruits have lost some nutrition over years of cultivation, and certain soils are depleted. Some fruits are shipped from far away, and may lose nutrition along the journey. This is all to be expected for most of us. We can only do the best we can. 

Tree ripened fruit is best. If it sits around for a long time, it loses life force. Except bananas, which seem to build life force by sitting until they develop light brown spots. 

If I had to chart a course for someone to follow, for the deepest healing possible using food, it might go something like this…

Beginning with Raising the percentage of WHOLE FOODS. Whole grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruit, meat, dairy. From wherever it is now, to at LEAST 90%. (This is where most people seem to stop, and therefore the healing is minimal). 

As soon as possible, I would:


Dairy is mucus producing, and usually full of hormones and antibiotics. In addition, the dairy industry is a cruel system for the animals. Raw dairy might be less toxic than pasteurized dairy, but it is not designed for human consumption, so one cannot thrive on dairy, in my opinion, unless perhaps it is in tiny quantities of fermented dairy products. (Most store-bought yogurts are not fermented enough to remove the lactose fully). 

Cheese is essentially ‘condenced milk’, so as far os mucus producing qualities, it is worse than milk. Also, it is loaded with sodium, also of an unnatural variety. 

Does it matter if it is goat, cow, sheep, or kangaroo milk? Not really. Unless you find a milk that is a similar composition to human breast milk (like monkey milk), I would leave it alone entirely. There are some decent cheese replacements in the vegetarian section of health foods stores. Again, those are only a lesser evil to get off of dairy; they are by no means healthy yet. Usually they are either a kind of nuts, or oils and a starch, none of which are ideal food. 


As for grains, gluten containing grains are the most difficult for the body to assimilate. For interesting studies around gluten and brain health, you might check out Grain Brain. Beinsa Duonov cited ancient teachings that contained ideas for using sprouted, sun soaked ancient forms of wheat for healing. You can do certain wheat cleanses around on the equinoxes. (see this Link. Thanks to my friend Ali Kamenova for this). 

ELIMINATE MEAT (and other protein RICH foods)

The most pervasive and damaging myth to the human system and culture is the ‘Protein myth’. Listen to the voices of the programming, and let is pass. If you are eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you are getting enough of the amino acids that the body uses to build itself. 

Quote from Mucusless about protein…

Healing through diet involves being a clean channel that real food can pass through, absorbing what it needs, and moving the rest through. Anything that doesn’t move through smoothly gets congested in the system and feeds disease. 

Protein rich foods get congested in the system, and as the Gerson Therapy shows, feeds tumors. Protein rich foods include nuts, seeds, beans, and meat; meat being the most prenicious. 

You also might enjoy The China Study for a long term study and the effect of animal products on populations in China. 

The body does not use ‘protein’, it uses animo acids, present in all plant foods. Complete proteins seem to be difficult to break down. There are essential animo acids, meanign the body must get them through diet. If you go through and find them, they are all present in fruits and vegetables. The body can sythesize the others. 

This is why some primates are so muscular. They are actually muscular in proportion to how many greens they eat, in relation to fruit. Gorillas, being the most muscular, eat the most greens (over 60% according to some sources). This is relevant because the human body is most similar to that of the frugivorous primates. 


Why? Well, the ideal healing diet is a raw diet. Grains must be cooked to be palatable, generally, except for sprouts, where the grain essentially starts to become a ‘grass.’ 


I think there is healing available in these diets, because they cut out many of the unhealthy foods. However, long term, I don’t think they are sustainable. The reason being most foods on the lists of allowable foods are acid -forming in the body. The more alkaline you become, the less ideal of a substrate the body brecomes for the parasites, and diseases are less likely to form. In addition, meat, being flesh in the process of decomposing, already often contains worms, parasites, bacteria, etc. 


Release the past and FLOW. 




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