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Healing Rituals for the New Year

What do you Worship?

I was reading a book recently by Caroline Casey and came upon an interesting distinction:

‘When you want to see what a person worships, look at where they spend their time.’ 

Time is the most precious offering we can make. 

So if you are having trouble clearing a story from the past, or letting go of someone or something, how do you make an offering of your time to that thing you most want to release? It's paradoxical, because most of us don't want to give it any more time. We're done with it. 

If you still feel it viscerally, you're not done with it.


A ritual that is beautiful to you, aligned with it's purpose, and completely original. 

An example: 

Years ago I was talking to a client who was having trouble letting go of his father. After some exploration, I discovered that his ashes were still on the mantle.  Over the course of a few conversations, he decided it was time to pour his father’s ashes out over the Pacific ocean. I encouraged him to create a compelling ritual. 

Instead of just driving to the coast, dumping them out, and driving hope to sink into comfortable behaviors, what would be even more powerful? 

"You only get to do this once, and if you do it right, once is all it will take." 

As we explored this, I discovered that his father had taught him to build surf boards, and he grew up, he and his father used to build them together. There was one board that they begun but never completed. It needed the finishing touches, so that it could be brought out into the ocean and enjoyed.

I suggested finishing the board, slowly and deliberately, as an homage, imagining his father was there with him. And then taking his father's ashes out with the board they had made, and releasing him into the bosom of the ocean they so loved together. 

Time is precious. The ones we love and lose are precious. Our bliss and our exquisite pain is precious. 


On the path of healing and evolution, I don’t believe there are shortcuts. There is only moving in alignment with your calling, and heeding (or ignoring) the signs that show up along the way. Many illnesses, traumas, pains, are either signposts or the residue of signs you’ve been ignoring. Sacred messages. 

Since I live far from the city, many can’t make the journey out. A session might take a day or so. I sometimes wonder… what is more precious than a sojourn into the green forest to embark on deep healing?  A graduation? A wedding? A business meeting? A casual gathering? A date? A movie night? 

I invite you to go into the new year with this framework in mind, and decide what you used to worship, and perhaps what you can worship now, or where you can pour your energy so that life becomes even more fulfilling. 

Create Your Compelling Ritual

Create some rituals for letting go of what no longer serves you. Sometimes just creating the ritual releases what you wanted to release. Sometimes it requires performing it. The only one that knows is you. 

Make them as meaningful as you possibly can. Layer meaning on. For instance: While you’re writing him a letter you’ll never send, listen to the song that was a anthem of your love. Go to the top of the mountain where he proposed to you. Fold the letter into a paper swan and let it fly. Goodbye. 

It's not purely tragedy, this thing that happened. There is beauty in it, somewhere. The beauty is often in the center of the pain. 

Discover THAT,and you've found the deepest healing of all. 

Love and Flow,


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