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The beauty of moving forward

Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Somatic Healing and How it Works with Case Studies

Healing is a complex and beautiful process. Sometimes it can be explained; sometimes it remains a mystery. 

I wanted to share a few brief 'case studies' about my experience in somatic healing, how miraculous the body is, and it's gravity toward wholeness. 


Once, while I was touching a client's neck, she had a flashback of a beloved king being beheaded in a film she'd seen as a child. So she'd taken the trauma into her neck, and it was creating tension and a lack of mobility. Making the connection allowed the body to shake off the trauma. 


Another time, a client remembered being in the womb, and being very fearful about coming out. It wasn't so much a visual as a 'felt' memory. She could feel that her sister was gravely ill, and the parents and doctors were worried she might have the same disease. She marinated in that worry. It was manifesting as what you might call anxiety and a  'stuck' feeling in life; hesitancy about  moving forward. We did some birth reframing to clear layers of the story. 


One, I touched a client's calf muscle, and he remembered a terrifying moment from childhood when he was attacked by a swarm of bees. They didn't sting him in the calf, but as he set off running, that muscle stored the trauma. As we released it, the calf was able to let go, and the emotional undercurrent that was running 'the world is a dangerous place' was able to begin lifting. 


As I touched another woman's ribs, she was suddenly a cowboy in the old west who'd just been shot. She was resisting it, and writhing all over the table, fearful that her right lung was filling up with blood. 'Let yourself die,' I whispered. And she softened, and witnessed, and as she did, she passed away fearlessly, watching serene blue sky overhead. She was living in patterns that were still resisting that moment. After this she was able to move forward in life in a way that was ... inspiring. 

Past life? Archetypal memory? I'm careful to witness without interpreting, so it can align with the client's beliefs. 

Disclaimer: Not everyone experiences lucid memories or elaborate visions. It depends on the person and the way their mind / body is wired, the level of readiness, depth in the process, and other factors. In general, women seem to adapt to the process more quickly and fluidly than men. Even without clear visions, or specific memories, massive releases are possible. 

I offer longer sessions than most (2, 3, and 4  hour sessions), so that the greatest depth is possible. 

How it Works

We are pure consciousness. Everything that has ever happened to us (or that we've witnessed) is recorded somewhere in our mind/body. When something about an incident remains incomplete, it creates energetic congestion, which disturbs posture, and thought patterns. 

We are completing the incomplete; closing past loops. 


There are certain 'stock' epiphanies that most clients seem to go through at some point. 

Hearing a truth is one thing, and embodying it is another. 

One way to embody a truth is to viscerally realize it through your own body. This is what I support clients in doing. 

Some of the epiphanies include:

  • What you resist persists
  • Fear of the pain is often worse than the pain itself
  • There is a clearing after vulnerability 
  • In the surrender, the 'self' rises to the surface
  • The human mind / body / spirit system is complex and delicate
  • I haven't been nurturing to myself, or taken care of, or honored myself (and now I will)
  • Even seemingly subtle actions have a profound reaction (karma)
  • The vast confluence of influences that denote 'being alive' is a miracle, plain and simple. 

There are others.


'Somatic' means 'having to do with the body 'as opposed to the mind.' I hesitate to use the word, because the body and mind are so entwined, I challenge anyone to show me where one ends and the other begins. Also, some 'somatic therapists' are limited by their training, and barely scratch the surface, so I take pains not to be lumped in with that approach. 

In essence: You can spend a lifetime working on a problem intellectually, and even emotionally, with little success. And then a seemingly minor adjustment of the posture can rid you of it entirely, or releasing a joint, or leading the arm through a series of motions (for instance). 

Courage is the most supportive attribute in this process, and then trust. It takes trust to be courageous. Once we reach a point where the client AND the practitioner enter a state of fearlessness, there is nothing that can't be healed. 

I've had wonderful teachers, and I've learned much of what I know through the laboratory of the human experience, and through the inspiration that comes through while I'm with clients. I find many practitioners so limited by what they've 'learned.' 


To unlearn whatever you've been mistaking for the real 'you,' so the real you, that self-adoring essence, complete, compassionate, and loving, can rise to the surface. 

We unlearn via the body, language, thought. I consult in using the most empowering language for healing; using the body in a way that creates space for healing, via standing, walking, and lying. 


I call Flow Healing. Mostly it's a systemless system. Since there are no rules, really, there is plenty of space to discover what actually will create the greatest change in the moment. 


Clients have found profound healing around:

  • Painful, stubborn relationship patterns
  • Feeling 'stuck' in intimacy
  • Physical discomfort
  • Diseases
  • Illnesses due to energy congestion
  • Eating disorders
  • A loss of the voice and losses of power
  • Sexual trauma
  • Letting go of lost loved ones
  • Creative Blockages
  • Leadership And Communication Challenges 

Reply to this email, let me know what is going on for you; tell me your story, and I will see how I can support. 

I really do wish you the best in your healing. If there is a time, it is now. Your world is waiting. 

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