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'Natural Flavors' are killing you.

I was looking at a food rating the other day, and it was rated as a C+ because it contained 'Natural Ingredients', or 'MSG-like ingredients'. It was surprising, because otherwise every other ingredient was organic and derived from a whole food. It was a Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Ramen. These 'Natural Flavors' contain unknown ingredients, sometimes over 100, many of which are neurotoxins, or derived from animal products, mold, etc. The create system toxicity and a host of side effects. 

In school, a C+ is not terrible, it is average. In food ranking systems in this country, food laced with a neurotoxin is considered 'average'. That is ridiculous, and, if you look around, it makes sense. That is why I say, time and time again, never compare yourself to those around you, unless you want to suffer the same fate. Or unless you're surrounded by luminous, vital people who are immune to most of the world's ills. 

Instead of this arbitrary ranking, I encourage you to begin thinking like this... food (nourishment with no toxic buildup or side effects), or non-food (everything else). You may occasionally indulge in a non food, particularly during the transition, but you wouldn't expect to thrive, or even to live on them. Though you'd still want to weight the options. Some non-foods contain ingredients that will stay in your system for months or years. Others will immediately begin eating away at your nervous system. 

The next day, I was at a Bat-Mitzvah, and the guests were tossing candy at the girl, to commemorate the sweetness of the moment. They were Sunkist Fruit Gems. The individual packaging says 'Natural Flavors'. Years ago, I might have thought that flavor had something to do with fruit. It was interesting, because the family that was holding the event was very health and food conscious... these neurotoxins had just slipped into a moment that was supposed to be showered with joy. 

In other words, don't succumb to what marketers want you to think, so that you are poisoning yourself for the sake of your own convenience. Actually, you're poisoning yourself so that companies can mass produce food that is easier to sell. Is it worth it? 

'Natural flavors' is a brilliant lie. If the company wants you to know what is in their product, they will put that on the label. Any company that uses 'natural flavors' is out of integrity, and should be avoided entirely. This simple act could add many years to your life, and aid your body in the much needed detoxification process. What executives at these companies don't know, is how profoundly this ethical slip is eroding their own ability to achieve vitality. Call it 'karma'. When our decisions harm others, we suffer, so with great power comes great responsibility.

This isn't conjecture... it is easily proved. Simply look at the evidence. 

Summary: Natural flavor will kill you. Arsenic is natural. I don't know what the flavor is like, but I imagine something unpleasant. 

Love and Flow, 

Steven Budden 

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