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Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Disease is a Seductive Figment of the Imagination. Healing is the Bridge back to Truth.

To become ‘diseased’ means means to become bound up in an illusion. Healing is the bridge back to truth.

The way to heal the mind is simple; heal the body. The way to heal the body is to come into alignment with the human design, and your genetic profile.

Living out of alignment always manifests as a symptom. Symptoms are the signal that we've fallen out of alignment somewhere. Most of us live with symptoms. When they become inconvenient, we look for the label. When they become unbearable, the label includes ‘terminal.’

Disease is seductive, because it has its rewards. Suddenly, life has a purpose… to heal. Suddenly, we have an excuse for not living fully. Those patterns we’ve harbored are suddenly justified. Those people we blame for our suffering… we are proven right by disease.

So the way out is a complete and total paradigm shift. First of all, un-adopt the use of the word ‘disease’. Use the word ‘symptoms,’ if needed. A disease is an arbitrary label for a constellation of symptoms. Once you adopt it, the other body systems fall into line, and it becomes a part of your identity. When someone says they have a ‘disease’, listen to the way they say it. I HAVE this. It is MINE. No it isn’t.

Notice the ways you’re using language around the disease you’ve adopted, and reframe the language to un-adopt it. Take unconventional approaches to break the tethers to the past. (Almost all ‘disease’ is rooted in an origin somewhere. They took on the seed of cancer when they were five, when this thing happened with their parent, which they never healed. Usually you can find this location in your body, as a 'collapse' or 'tightening.')

Whatever happens, heal now. Demand vitality. It is your birthright.

You want to know how? There are ways, always ways. There is no ‘disease’ that does not come paired with its cure. That seems to be something in the grand design. Return to nature, to the natural ways, and the solutions reveal themselves.

Sometimes, when I’ve been ill, I’ve hated the illness. I’ve raged against it. The hatred and the illness are not separate. Love the symptoms, because they are guiding you back into alignment.

The body intelligence can heal anything physical, even a chemical poison dropped on us by a mass corporation (ring any bells?). It doesn’t matter. The problem is, we rarely let it work its magic. It requires gently stepping aside, and not exacerbating the 'disease' through arbitrary treatments that look good on paper, are confirmed by limited studies, but actually weaken the root, and worsen the situation. They dig a deeper hole, so you get to glimpse artificial sunlight for a moment.

The medical establishment invented disease; they can’t cure it. They need something to treat, and only treat what is profitable to them. Suddenly, they have a reason for being. If you are looking for treatment for your disease (by targeting specific organs or nutrients or systems), you’re probably in the wrong paradigm, where ‘health’ is only a distant possibility.

Instead, begin to heal the whole body, the whole life. Instead of struggling to get out of pain, consider what vitality would look and feel like.

We were designed to be broken and heal. Let's get out of the way and let life unfold.

Love and flow,


PS. While diet is essential, it's also essential to consider the quality of the waters you're showering in. 

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