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Detoxifying your Body means Purifying your Fluids

You are what you drink. The waters you choose becomes the water you are. 

Here are a few paradigm shifts to start with:

  • Water doesn't hydrate you
  • Proteins don't build you

Moments of real aliveness are rare. They seem to crop up at the most unexpected moments. Sure, sometimes it's a moment in your wedding, but usually it's this walk in the forest, or this experience at a concert. 

For most people, these experiences are rare. The full flush of bodily sensation, with an emotion throbbing through the whole being. Tantric practitioners sometimes access this state through lovemaking; shamans through entering visionary states; artists through launching into creative rapture. 

I orchestrate these types of experiences for clients, and I can tell you with certainty that it is the context that is everything; going into life with the eye open in the right direction, and knowing how to open oneself to more aliveness. 

Here are a few clues:

Be more water. 

Because water is the foundation of organic life on Earth, we you have to use the highest quality water we can find. Science says that you are approximately 65% water. I personally intuit that any of us are more water than that. Remember what Arnold Ehret said: 'Normal health by medical standards is actually a pathological condition.' Infants are said to be 75% water (though this is probably inaccurate too). Anyway, aim to, as Bruce Lee said (paraphrasing Lao Tse), 'Be like water.'

Not only that, be MORE water. 


You're probably familiar with the fascinating work by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, who photographed water molecules at the point of freezing, after they'd been exposed to various stimuli. What he found was startling and beautiful; certain stimuli produced ornate, symmetrical flowers of ice (like snowflakes), and other stimuli created asymmetrical, broken, unnatural looking forms. The 'vibration' of a word, song, or intention, actually has a dramatic physically effect on a water molecule. 

A pictures here is certainly worth a thousand words. 

Imagine how walking around with flowering water could affect your outlook and consciousness? Depression, anxiety, and other difficult emotions are certainly mostly about biochemistry.  

You are mostly water, so your health is entirely dependent upon the quality of this water. 

Become better water. 

I drank 4 liters of warm water every morning for about a year to get one life lesson; water doesn't necessarily hydrate you. Water is like a blank slate. Certain energies render it 'more alive' than others, and these 'living waters' are the fluids that you want to take into your body. I'm not so much speaking about blessing your water (though I wrote about that in my book Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual, and it can be helpful)... I'm talking about ingesting water that is already teeming with the life intelligence. 

This is either water flowing at a natural source, or the juices of fruits and vegetables. 

When water sits stagnant for too long, it becomes dead water, losing its vitality. 

I didn't read this anywhere; I first learned it through experience. After 6 months of eating 98% fruit, I realized that I never needed water, I never thirsted, and I rarely urinated. My cells were finally hydrating. 

Of course, even non-ideal water will be moved through the system, and can flush out toxins, but it takes energy to move it through the system, and it may be contaminated with chemicals or pollutants that remain in the body 

Instead, begin to think of it like this; you need to slowly, gradually, and sustainably rehydrate your body from the cellular level, by ingesting water that contains the information that the cells can use. 

Now, this becomes more and more of a challenge if the diet includes a lot of food that requires a lot of water for the body to process. These are non living foods. The body needs to rehydrate them and flush them out. They include protein rich foods, table salt, preservatives, chemicals, starches, beans, grains. (Though soaking beans or grains overnight before use brings them closer to a living food, and... raises the water content). 

If you're ambitious, spend some days dry fasting (no intake of food or water), and you'll begin to see how long you can go without water. Instead of dehydrating during periods of dry fasting, I've often felt more hydrated. It's paradoxical, perhaps, however... I encourage you to give it a try sometime; it's one of the fastest ways to purify the liquid body systems, including the blood and the lymphatic system, and regenerate the kidneys. 

Most of us don't drink tap water; it is contaminated by chemicals. But what we don't realize is this... 

a daily shower in tap water is the equivalent of drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water per day.

In order to rebuild the fluid intelligence within the body, and to rehydrate at the cellular level, we need pure water for a long time, and all of these contaminants interfere.  The purer you become, the less you'll need to shower, by the way. There's no point scrubbing ourselves raw in defense against some imagined 'diseases' when we're absorbing chlorine and chloramine that is destroying our skin microbiome and our beneficial flora, and the health of our cells. It's counterproductive. 

And also, in the meantime, an economical way to remedy the situation and take control of your health is to use a shower filter for showers.

Here's one that works well.

Remember that anything you're putting on your skin, you're taking into your fluid supply, so here's a simple and useful mantra;

Don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat (or drink). 

It's better to drink your own urine than dead water. Though some unnatural contaminants can find their way into the urine, as the body scrambles to release them, some believe that they are given in a homeopathic dose. John Armstrong famously supported his patients in healing countless cases of cancer on urine fasts. Because the body is an instrument for divine life experience, it even renders dead waters living, at least partially. Research it for yourself and see what you discover, if so inclined. 

Eat your water. 

Humans need very little water. This thing about carrying around a water bottle everywhere is symptomatic of a culture living on dead foods. You can drink a gallon per day for years, and never hydrate, and stay up all night urinating. 

The living water that is the easiest and most convenient comes in the skin of organic fruits and vegetables. You can juice them or eat them, but avoid pasteurized juice wherever possible, because heat processing destroys the living enzymes in the food. 

I said before that after moving to a fruit-rich diet, I never thirsted. Also, I urinate much less, sleep better, and don't carry bottles of water around; I don't need to. 

Consider the environmental benefits as well; instead of the ocean filling up with plastic water bottles, the compost bin is filling up with orange peels, the vessels for living water! 

There are some specifics for getting the most out of eating your living water, and the simplest are:

1. Use ripe fruits. 
2. Use organic fruits

Be diligent about protecting the quality of your own water, like you would the ocean. When I say don't use anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat, also jettison any household products that contain harmful chemicals; in one way or another, they wind up in your water system, and begin eroding your health. 

Let they food be they medicine, and they medicine be they food. 

Life is a sacred contract with the world around. To open up to more and more experiences of aliveness, we need to shake off the penumbra of death and devastation. This, to me, means devouring less suffering. There is much suffering surrounding the meat and dairy industry, but not only that; non fair-trade slave crops can also be impacted by the suffering of the people that com into contact with the crops. 

I realize that this may sound somewhat esoteric. I meant to keep this completely practical. And yet, there it is. If you have lost touch with this idea that life is somehow an infusion of some ineffable 'divine' principle, the chances are much greater that you'll suffer and not live as long. 

In other words, replacing dead foods with living is not merely a suggestion; it is a necessity. 

And learn which foods fuel you for life, and which render you inert and sluggish. There's a definite correlation. So many people wonder why they're hazy, foggy, or in pain, without every looking to the source. The next time you literally witness someone become a different person after eating refined sugar or other non-foods, watch how quick they are to blame anything and everything but what they just poisoned themselves with. 

Cut out everything that is not food. Simple. Food is fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Anything else is questionable. Also, if it is a food with a non-food attached, such as a nut or vegetables fried in oil or layered with some form of corn starch, decline it. You have no idea how much impact these repeated tiny doses of poisons are having on your reality. 

Broaden your mineral intake. 

Supplements are mostly a ruse. Avoid them. Here, I'm talking about minerals bound up in the intelligence of a plant, which the body can actually identify and use. 

Longer-living plants draw more minerals out of the earth, with their deep roots. These include certain perennials and fruit trees. The way trees use earth energy to produce fruit is, I think, not clearly understood by science. You'll notice I say that a lot. Thinking that science knows 'everything' has always been a disastrous worldview. Just consider how much has changed in the last 50 or 25 years. Even the glymphatic system, one of the most important systems for detoxification in the body, wasn't discovered until 2014. We know little. 

Anyway, focus on fruits and nuts from trees, and you'll get more of earth's living energies, sometimes termed 'minerals'. 

Remember how to love yourself. 

You hang a little picture of yourself, and begin talking to him or her. Notice the voice you use, the vocabulary, etc. Notice whether you're soft or hard. You've likely taken on some of the attributes of your parents or guardians. Soften. Imagine that this is the most beloved being on earth, because it is, and speak to them that way. 

I say this because I'm recalling a time when I was working on a woman's viscera through her abdomen, and she suddenly realized how she'd never been open to nourishment in her life. Soon after that session, her hair and nails started growing like crazy. Nutrient utilization and absorption is part emotional and part physical. You need to be open to thriving and to living fully; to give yourself permission (no one else will) to take in the nourishment of the earth. Otherwise, anything you eat just passes through. 

I'm getting a lot of emails about how to heal oneself, and these are what come to mind right now. 

Thank you for your courage on the journey. 

Love and bloom, 




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