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Humans aren't omnivores, and that belief will cost you...

We’ve been sold a lie, in a thousand different ways. Your health suffers in relation to your belief that human beings are omnivores. Human beings are not omnivores, by design, nor are they carnivores, granivores, or even herbivores. Compare human anatomy to creatures in those other classifications, and the truth quickly becomes obvious. A human and a pig are nothing alike, nor are a human and a cow, or a human and a lion. 

"It is anatomically impossible for a pig to look up at the sky." - The illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts

Human beings are frugivores, by design; omnivores by imposition. Some of this imposition was circumstantial, environmental. Most of it now is marketing.

We are sold the omnivorous diet because it is more profitable. When your health suffers on the diet, which it invariably does, the resources are steered toward the medical establishment, which perpetuated the myth in the first place. 

I stumbled upon this by accident. As I researched, I discovered, again and again, the the best diet advice ever recorded comes from one of the most read books on earth, and yet remains one of the most guarded secrets: 

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” - Genesis. 

Fruit is the food of man. Herbs are the medicine to maintain and reclaim balance.

Everything else is a poison, more dangerous in relation to how recently they’ve been adapted by humankind, and how altered they’ve been throughout our history by hybridization, genetic modification, and other corruptions.

Life is not that complicated. We make it complicated.

Fruit is the ideal food. Herbs are the medicine. Starches can be an indulgence, if in moderation, though the highest vitality may be blocked.

Taoist monks would escape into the forest to escape the lure of rice, and live on herbs and berries. (1) Simply put, they were seeking enlightenment, and starch blocks the gateway to enlightenment. One reason for this is the proliferation of pathogens and parasites that occur in a starch laden body. Once these entities take their hold, you are no longer your own; you cannot act, because their cravings own you. Everything you do becomes automatic, and what Gurdjieff called ‘Mechanical.’ To reclaim the ability to act of your own volition, the parasites must be removed. For the parasites, a very ancient and highly evolved intelligence needs to be removed. This happens by not feeding the parasites, so that they relocate into more suitable environments. 

Dr. Sebi, a highly successful herbal healer and dietician, who supported patients in healing many of the incurable diseases, including AIDS, claimed that starches exist in nature to bind 2 things that were not meant to exist together. And that property manifests in the human body / consciousness with regular consumption. He once said ‘Starch will make you think logically why you should kill yourself.’ (2) He also thought that starch perpetuated violence. It is interesting, at least to me, that despite what I quoted above, most religious diets are based on starch. Breaking bread together. Eating rice. Unleavened bread. Etc. Could it be because the consumption of starch makes one easier to control? Interesting food for thought. 

Dr. Sebi also mentions that grains are stimulants, and not a real source of nourishment. Meats are stimulants too, in a sense, because it is theorized that the brief energy spike that happens after the consumption of meat comes from the adrenaline that was in the animal tissue at the time of death. We need to remove stimulants and redirect our energy toward consuming real sources of nourishment. Stimulants end up feeding the parasites, because they throw the body out of balance, while acidifying it, and weakening various glands and organs. 

I was watching a lecture by David Wolfe years ago, and he mentioned that when people switched to raw food, they could no longer bear to do things they did not want to do. For that reason, the diet was revolutionary. In other words, in his theory, the system, as we know it would crumble entirely if everyone were able to make the shift. Imagine a world without illness, depression, violence? Even John Lennon might have had to stretch for that. 

We are not focusing here on the entire ecosystem, though I will say that the ideal food for humans also happens to be the ideal food for the earth. And humans are a highly evolved consciousness unit, in my opinion, and it makes sense that the more they live into an evolved way of being and a 'service to others' mentality, the more they thrive. These conditions are not separate, though they are marketed as such. 

All if this information requires relentless indoctrination the idea that we are all separate units of consciousness, without ties binding us. The truth is exactly the opposite. The bees are as impacted by us as we are by them, as we are seeing. Our thoughts affect the quality of our food and water. The burdens of our ancestors are still with us to be healed. Etc.   

Ketogenic, paleo, blood-type, and every other fad diets (many of which I've experimented with)… are attempts to codify new myths, based on minimal evidence and conjecture. They are successful if they are believed long enough to be profitable. For this to happen, they must contain 'grains' of truth.

If you are looking to heal your core wounds, they will not suffice. Only the principles listing above will suffice, coupled with fasting, with the eventual sojourn into prayer. 

If you follow fad diets, you will suffer eventually. If you would heal, return to the food that humans were designed to eat. Eating meat, grains, nuts, and vegetables is a learned behavior. Eating fruit is not… it naturally arises in a growing human being. A young child will simply choose fruit over meat, or even a vegetable, because of the genetic knowing in the system. It is naturally appetizing, based on millions of years of evolution. 

Go out into the wilds, you beautiful frugivore, and show us what vitality, intelligence, and human compassion are capable of. 

Love and Flow, 

Steven Budden 

PS. If the idea of being a frugivore is too radical, you can call yourself a frugivorous omnivore. As long as fruit is the staple of the diet, profound healing is still possible. 

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