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Radical Healing of Disease with Fruit (and other plants): Tips for Plant-Based Healing

If you’re mired in the downward spiral of a mysterious disease, you’re not alone. I’ve spent the last decade in research, experimentation, and practice, learning everything I could about healing; true healing, rather than just the treatment of symptoms. This was for my family, who were succumbing to mysterious ailments left and right!

Most of these diseases can be traced back to a diet that is nourishing the DISEASE instead of the INDIVIDUAL.

Fruit is the ideal food for healing. Whenever I introduced clients to the protocols that I use, they began to heal all kinds of diseases, as well as improving psychological states and sleep patterns. Historically, people have used these strategies for cancer, MS, lyme, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, inflammation (all occurences of ITIS), tooth problems, spinal problems, organ and gland misfires, indigestion and digestive issues, AIDS, lupus, brights, graves, hashimotos, viral infections, bronchitis, hair loss, skin conditions, pain, arthritis, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

So I've distilled all of my research into my fourth book on radical healing: Edenbound, Using Fruit to Truly Heal. It's probably the most comprehensive manuals for fruitarian healing that I know of, and I've spent the last few years collecting rare, out-of-print ones.

We’ll draw on the healing wisdom and experience of Dr. Sebi, Arnold Ehret and his Mucusless System, Dr. Morse, the Medical Medium, St. Louis Estes, Bircher-Benner, Arshavir Ter Hovhannessian an his Raw Eating classic, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, the Hippocrates Institute, Hilton Hotema, as well as some pioneers in alternative healing; Hulda Clarke, Royal Rife, and others. Because fruit is frequency.

You'll find specific protocols, details and critiques of alternative healing strategies, an alalyosis of popular diets, using herbs, and esoteric anatomies, meaning alternative ways of thinking about metabolic processes and human systems.

Most of what we’ve been taught is WRONG, and this illusion feeds the paradigm of disease, which is fictitious.

Warning: some of this information will be radical, gleaned from 'channeled teachings', like Edgar Cayce, the Medical Medium, the C's, and Keylontic science. Other info will refer to prestigious scientific and anthropological studies. Religious texts often contain valuable clues as well, which have been all but lost on the masses.

Whatever your 'disease', it threads back to a misalignment with the human architecture; acidity and inflammation that arises from an unnatural diet.


While there is no panacea, I believe that this is a critical piece in the healing equation, whether you're looking to heal your disease or eventually to achieve 'total immunity' to disease (ambitious but not impossible).

Pre-order the paperback today and save $5. An ebook will be available in the coming months.

EdenBound (Paperback)- Healing Disease and Trauma with Fruit
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In the meantime...

Heal. Live better. Love more.

Love and flow,


After this traumatic event happened, her hair color changed.

Healing often involves shifting one's fundamental beliefs, to create space for healing.

We are a constellation of stories.

When this occurred to me, it was a profound revelation, though the words don't quite get to the profundity of it. 

Here are a few illustrations just to clarify what I mean; 

Did you know your body gathers fat at certain areas as a protective measure? The body creates a 'cushion' to protect itself. I had a client once who's father continually spanked her, and in order to not feel the pain, she realized that her body intelligence gave her a cushion around her bottom. 

People put on weight when they are afraid of love, or when they need time to heal, as the body intelligence works to repel new suitors. Sometimes processing a relationship emotionally does wonders where dietary measures do little. Because we cannot bypass the body intelligence and the intentions of the subconscious mind. 

Another women I knew was kidnapped, and she remembers a man holding her. She looked down, and saw this hairy arm around her chest. The body intelligence works to fit in, to acclimate, so she said that after that event, her own arms grew a lot of dark hair (she was otherwise blonde). She remembered the arms of her assailant being hairy, and so her arms became like that, because being different from him was a threat to the body, and becoming 'one' with him or more like him made it all easier to endure somehow. 

Another client was beat up as a child by the minority kids in a poor area, because she was a pretty, blue-eyed blonde. Soon after, her hair went dark. I can venture to say that her eyes darkened too. Her body learned that being different was a danger. 

The eyes are the windows to the soul. They're also the windows to the body. Dark moods can darken the eyes. Also, physical systemic congestion shows up in brown eyes as darkness, in blue eyes as either a brown coating or a white film.

The true color of your eyes was closer to fully expressed soon after you were born. I often watch eye colors shift during conversations. 

Sometimes, clients show up after sessions or meetings, after a deep clearing, or powerful emotional response, and they look 'different.'

Perhaps they aren't 'different', I tell myself...  they are just more 'them.' It's difficult to describe. 

I mentioned a client I'd worked with under a tree, about growing up as a scarred child in a war torn country, and missing his innocence.  After our conversation, some children ran up to him and asked if he wanted to play soccer. Note that they didn't ask me. 

What changes? The subtle frequencies of the life force? The aura? The physical structure? Color? The cells emitting waves. All of it? 

And how did those children read that story that had shifted? 

It's easy for hair or eyes to go dark. It takes a second. WE sometimes think that it requires more effort to lighten them up again, and that this is the process of healing. In fact, that sometimes happens in an instant too, though laying the groundwork for that instant is what takes deep work. 

Or, perhaps that's just one of the stories I'm embodying. 

Love and flow, 

Steven Budden 

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