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Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Details for Moving Forward…

Thank you for your interest in working with me!

I'm a life enhancement expert, but what my work is really about is freedom... freedom from the past. FREEDOM to feel more deeply, love more passionately, live more fully.

I use some very unique strategies, which include somatic awareness, touch-based practices, and various lifestyle alterations, including diet. My work includes an original medley of intuition, diverse experiences, and the various modalities that I've trained in. I don't use any modalities that you've heard of. Individual modalities are limited in that the followers often adhere too rigidly to systems, at the expense of their own intuition and observation.

Since 2011, FLOW sessions have been my alchemical laboratory, teaching me much of what I know about the world. People use them to find their deepest healing. I use them to find mine. The process works 'miracles' on probably 90% of the women I've worked with. Woman are often more open to the healing, and more receptive to remembering how to live completely and be vulnerable, so most of my work has been with women. Some men choose this path as well, and are transformed.

While my FLOW somatic work needs to be done in-person, I also work with clients from afar. We work via a distance via whatever technologies are at our disposal. Some clients also travel to see me and vice versa. 


  • Radical Life Enhancement

  • Relationship Reframing

  • Trauma Release

  • Disease Resolution

  • Creativity Coaching (Visual art, writing, and conceptual art)

  • Life reflection and Memoir Writing (culminate our healing journey in a written account of your life’s adventure). (Here’s an example of a book a client and I recently completed).


I've distilled some of my processes into books. While books can point you in the right direction, they do not take the place of working with a flesh and blood individual, by any stretch. Still, before deciding whether you want to work with me, it may be helpful to read at least one of my books on healing so that you can ascertain if we are a match. 

For an overview of my philosophy and how it came into my life, I suggest reading Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual

For an overview of my original holistic system (perhaps one of the most totalistic in existence, please read Bloom: A Manifesto for Wild Unfolding

For a sample of some of the activities I lead clients through, I suggest working through The Flow into Joy Journeybook

And for my most comprehensive statement on healing through diet, I suggest Edenbound: Healing Disease and Trauma with Fruit and Other Plants.

(These are links to PDFs, available for purchase, which you can access immediately. You can also find paperbacks on my site here). 

If you do decide to work with me...

Working with Me 

FLOW from Anywhere (Distance Work)

Initial FreeFlow Phone Session

90 minute deep dive into your life, on the telephone. We'll hone in on core issues and co-create strategies for healing. Something like a cross between counseling and shamanism, with a somatic twist. Emotions often run high. Bring your full self, be prepared to divulge and be compassionately challenged, and healing will happen. 

Investment - $150 (save $100). Designed so that you can try out the process for a minimal investment. 

Flow Distance Session. 90 minutes of healing via Telephone. 

After laying out clear objectives, we continue with our healing journey on individual calls. 2-3 per month are recommended in most cases, though you can use them as you see fit. 

Investment- $250 

FLOW Intensive Video Session. 2 hours via Skype or Facebook Video. 

I can use the videos to perform holistic postural analysis™ and assess the subtler cues, so that we can begin to decode the sacred messages from your body, and rearrange your life. 

Investment - $333. 

In-Person FLOW

My in-person FLOW work is your solution for creating lasting change within impossible timeframes. Currently based out of Sarasota, Florida. 

Initial In-Person Flow Somatic Session (Includes Follow-up Notes) - $250 (save $150). 

90 Minutes.

Standard in-Person Flow Somatic Session $333

90 minutes - Two Hours of intensive holistic postural analysis, somatic clearing, verbal coaching, communication tutorials, etc.

Flow Somatic Session with Follow Up Notes (essential for some) $399. 

Intensive FLOW in-Person Somatic Session - $444

3 Hour Deep Dive into the heart of your patterns, to surface any character armor and dissolve it. With various tutorials for living more fully and relating more authentically. 


Remember that this is the most direct investment in the quality of your life. 

For years I only offered an intensive 3-month engagement, because I knew that was what worked best. Now I am putting the healing back into your hands, so I have gradually shifted to offering individual sessions. 


If you haven’t yet, please complete the Discovery Questionnaire.  

Thank you. I look forward to continuing the journey with you, if it is in the stars. And if not, I wish you the best in your healing. 

Love and Flow,

Steven Budden

PS. I’m always experimenting with other ways to support people. Here are a few other options that may suit you…

A few other options:

Intensive Somatic Weekend - $2500

A weekend spent in sessions with me, punctuated by activities and reflection / integration time. The most healing weekend of your life, guaranteed. Designed for people traveling from afar. 

FLOW Email Support

While I confess that I'm sometimes ambivalent about technology (I sometimes downgrade to flip phones or partake in screen fasts), I can't deny that it can also be used. Excellent resources for self-learners. Sometimes useful to simply provide a compass for direction in an otherwise overwhelming world. 

Individual Initial FLOW Email $75 (save $75). 

Tell me your story, in a page or so, and I will reply with suggestions and resources for further exploration and study. 

Individual FLOW Email Consult - Use as needed - $150 

Monthly FLOW Email Support - $500 

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