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The Beauty of Moving Forward

What is FLOW, and how can it support you? 

FLOW is a state of being that arises in states of relaxation. Resistance and effort block flow. 

I use an original somatic strategy that, to my knowledge, you will not find anywhere else. It involves informed touch and compassionate inquiry, to discover where in your body you may be holding onto past patterns, so we can release them at the root. This means going into the experiences that are incomplete for you, and finding completion or resolution around them. As one client put it; "it is not easy in the moment. You will experience deep, satisfying peace." I think that is a good summation. (you can read more testimonials here). 

Most of the chronic patterns that show up in life are the recapitulations of older patterns, whether these be physical, mental, or emotional. They can all be alleviated or even healed through this somatic process. Sometimes the pattern goes back to birth; some experience a past life iteration; for some it links back to a trauma from adolescence or even adulthood. It doesn't much matter... whatever memory shows up, we will access and work on the pattern through that. 

Most somatic therapists use very minimal touch, if any, and mostly guide you to a conceptual awareness of your body. This is because touch was something of a taboo (and still is) in traditional psychotherapeutic circles. And for good reason. Most therapists could not be trusted with touch. While this type of conceptual work can be useful, it is not what I do. If you are looking up 'somatic therapy', you can rest assured, my work is nothing like that, and I believe the benefits are more profound.

I guide you to the places in your body where there is a lack of consciousness, by touching into the tissues at varying levels of depth. This allows the body to reconnect with lost parts of yourself. The tangible result is that you will experience moments of wholeness as the energy begins to flow. Most clients also experience life-changing epiphanies, or the visceral awareness of truths. Some clients remember pre-conscious memories, and others engage in archetypal visions. It all depends on how your consciousness decides to engage in the process. There is almost always emotional FLOW, accompanied by profound healing. 

The Mechanics of FLOW

One of the functions of the body is to be a conduit of the life force; a temporary reservoir of consciousness, or spirit. Over the course of a lifetime, energy gets bound up in places where trauma was incurred, on either a physical or an emotional level. The body begins to adapt, through posture, language, and other ways of being, by 'living around' those areas. During this process, we will be inviting those pieces of you back into the moment. 

This process is not for everyone. Most of the culture will never engage in this level of healing. If you are here, you may be different. You may be committed to finding your highest expression. A pattern at work might be the residue of a childhood trauma; a lack of leadership ability might be related to a broken heart from 10 years ago. It takes a very open approach to connect these dangling threads to their original source, and while the mind is tricky, and thoughts can be slippery... the body remembers. The body doesn't lie. It can't .

What needs to be grieved or mourned for you to stand fully where you are, and meet the moment with your whole body? What needs to be spoken for you to reclaim your voice; for that lump in your throat to pass? What armor needs to be removed for those tears behind your eyes to drop? That is the journey we will take. 

This work can be articulated up to a point, and then it requires a demonstration. This is why I offer a FreeFlow Consultation. If you want more specifics, please take a look at this page, which I created to address frequently asked questions

If you desire to show up more fully and authentically in your life, this work will be the most profound you have taken, guaranteed.

(Unheard of FLOW Guarantee). 

I have created a unique working strategy, that will begin to break down your most persistent patterns, and get you in touch with your core truths. Even lifetime patterns will begin shifting, sometimes as soon as the first session. 

I believe that physical and emotional healing are the same process, so during our work together, most of my clients decide to go through a carefully designed FLOW physical cleansing program, which is optional, and highly recommended. 

FLOW foundational principles:

Every cell, organ, system, is infused with consciousness, and contains a detailed remembrance of things past. These memories can be accessed through touch, movement, and thought, prompted by language. 

When the stimulus is too extreme for the consciousness to process in the moment, it gets tucked away for later processing. We call this 'trauma', for lack of a better word. 

We become disconnected from ourselves over time for a lot of reasons (trauma, non-ideal diet, toxemia, stress, living out of alignment, etc).

As we complete what is incomplete (through experiencing what has been stored for later processing), we reconnect to those pieces of ourselves, and bodily systems come back  into balance. Healing happens. 

The body seems to need to go through certain positions in order to 'remember' and therefore 'complete' and 'heal' them. For instance, if someone was in a cycling accident long ago, when the leg falls into that position during a session, something like a pedaling motion will begin to occur automatically, and as we let it complete, and come into conscious awareness, that pattern can clear.

What is true for the body, is true for the mind. The separation between the mind and body is unclear. Emotional and physical toxins are similar, and affect systems in similar ways.

Life happens where our body meets the present moment. Most of us spend the majority of our time in the past or in the future. These are not the direct experience of life, but the cognitive reflection of it. The more of us we can bring into the present moment, the more alive we’ll feel. 

In this primordial rush, healing happens, patterns lose their magnetism, love rises to the surface. 

We are inherently compassionate, loving beings. As we get in touch with our core, that realization seems to surface.

Cruelty requires disconnection. Dark, malevolent thoughts, don't arise from the core self; they arise in reaction to one of the layers you are carrying. Critical thoughts of the self are learned behavior. The core self seems to be self respecting and self adoring. 

Dark thoughts often arise during the process of reconnecting to the body, because as the energy moves, they are flushed out. We flood out the dark by letting in the light. 

We develop, over time, a constellation of personalities, various “I’s”, and they function independently and often at odds with one another. The true self is something else, that transcends and contains these false personalities. It is difficult to speak about... though it can be experienced. We work from a fragmented sense of self (mental and physical) to a sense of wholeness and completeness. 

We are delicate, resilient beings. Seemingly subtle energetics influence us in profound ways. 

Into the Forest

Flow Healing Arts in Cazadero, California

I've had offices in Oakland, Alameda, and Sebastopol. While they were more centrally located, they all suffered the drawback of noise, bustle, and traffic. 

I currently see clients in a remote location in Cazadero, California, in Sonoma County. It is tucked away into the redwoods, about 2 hours north of San Francisco. The remoteness and the nature facilitate the healing process. Cell service drops away a few miles out. The winding road provides a bridge and a time for reflection. There are creeks and waterfalls, to wash away past patterns. This is an archetypal journey into the wilds within the self. When people say 'I don't have time to make the trip,' I can gauge their level of commitment. Clients have driven 3 hours each way, weekly, for months at a time, because to them  it was worth it. And their lives changed accordingly. 

For those ready to reach out and touch life at its most poignant and profound, I am a fearless companion for hire. I facilitate intensive 2 and 3 hour sessions, for breaking through obstacles and removing energetic distortions. We explore ways of speaking, walking, standing, gesturing, etc. Each session is a unique creation, that flows out of your needs. 

People have found value in this process at various points in their lives...

  • during or after a divorce or separation 
  • while navigating a life transition
  • experiencing a creative block
  • perpetually recreating painful patterns
  • physical and emotional symptoms reaching critical levels

One of the primary benefits of this work is feeling more ALIVE in the wake of sessions. We find ways to anchor this in, so it becomes a lasting change. This means showing up more fully in key areas, including love, work, and play (do you still play?). I tend to rhapsodize about love and what masquerades as love, and as a creative, encourage expression as a healing act. I can't tell you how many times people have come back and said 'this thing I never thought I could do... I'm doing it...' or... 'this thing that I could never be free of... I'm free of it.' 

During the course of our work together, many people experience making love in an embodied way, for the first time in their life. Many 'experience' pieces of themselves for the first time; legs, arms, the heart, ribs, etc. 

I'm a somatic life enhancement expert; a flow facilitator; a fearless companion... but my work is really about FREEDOM. Freedom from the past. The freedom to do what you came to do, and express what you came to express. Vitality is your birthright, but it must be reclaimed and fiercely fought for. 

I pour myself fully into this work, and I ask the same from clients. You will receive what you give to the process.

The place to begin is this in-depth questionnaire (if you haven't already filled it out). I have various tools for filtering out non-serious applicants. When someone is ready, and we meet, sparks fly. 

This is what FLOW healing arts is for. Welcome to the beauty of moving forward. Welcome to FLOW. 

Love and Flow, 

Steven Budden

Flow Healing Arts

Sonoma, California



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