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The beauty of moving forward

Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Suddenly, the past no longer held her back.


She felt so alive; she was free to LOVE completely.

With the help of a fearless companion, she’d traced her chronic patterns all the way back to the beginning and healed them, in a beautiful process of self discovery.

You are a constellation of stories. Your history defines you. Your relationship with your mother and your father defines you. We base our relationship on theirs, in subtle and obvious ways. Either you’re repeating their patterns or resisting them. Either way, it’s not freedom.

Case Study: She came to me in the throes of a painful divorce. Her husband was a narcissist, she told me, and very abusive. She was startled when I knelt down to touch her left foot.

She soon began to sob. She grieved over the loss of her mother when she was young. Her foot changed shape, and ‘found its place’ on the ground.

In the clearing, her eyes were glowing. She was smiling.

Soon after, she released her ex husband and met a partner that cherished her.

Our patterns inform our posture and our character traits.

Our posture and character traits reinforce our patterns.

We learn to deal with painful situations by tucking them away somewhere. We swallow tears. We collapse our spine and the arches of our feet.

In order to change our lives, we need to UNDO what has been DONE.

I adjust a client’s posture, and the tears often flow almost immediately. A memory arises of the time that the collapse began; the loss of innocence. A man looked at her lustily, or someone betrayed her trust. Her heart sank.

While this may not be the only path to your healing, I believe it’s the most direct.  

Within just a few meetings, we can often make years worth of progress… as we clear blockages from the physical tissues and nervous system. 

Your Next Chapter.

locked-fingers (edited).jpg


Long ago, you were happy and whole. Something unexpected happened. A piece of you shut down. Now you go through life half empty. This pain affects every facet of your life. It gets triggered sometimes. You physiologically regress to those points in time. It isn't your fault, and it seems impossible to change.

Sometimes, this all runs under the surface and you can't quite pinpoint it. You just feel pain or numbness or anger. You've searched for labels for your symptoms, so you can remedy them. That hasn't helped much, because the underlying root is still firmly in place.

I've heard this story a thousand times, repeated with slight variations, like a Bach theme. I've lived it, too. It's time to regather the pieces of yourself in the moment.

Welcome to the beauty of moving forward. Welcome to FLOW.

My clients often say they are literally feeling a piece of themselves for the first time.

A leg. An arm. A heart. They look at people in their lives with new eyes; touch them with new fingers.

Not so long ago, I would not have understood. Now I do. It is a joyous experience. I remember when I felt my legs ‘for the first time’. I was thirty years old. I cried tears of joy. I hadn't even known I hadn't been feeling them before. I hadn't thought about it.

I don't know how you got here, but you've stumbled upon a beautiful thing.

You’ve been guided to the most direct path to your healing (by whatever creative force you believe in).

And if time is of the essence, you’re going to be very pleased.

There are a lot of beautiful healing modalities in the world. More are created every day.

Most of them suffer one critical flaw: they don’t actually work.

Flow is Different.

Flow is a very personal synthesis of the many modalities I’ve trained in and experienced. This amalgamation has been also been informed by intuitive guidance, a wealth of rare healing literature, personal awakening experiences, clients work, etc.

Many of the techniques I use were taught to me by a few powerful healer women in San Francisco, during an intensive 3 year study. One of them recently passed away (in her 80’s) but her legacy lives on.

The Somatic Difference.

We live in a head-centered world, often revering logic above all else. Apple’s famous maxim ‘Think Different’ says so much about this tendency. When it comes to healing, acknowledging feelings is more powerful than analyzing thoughts.

Emotions arise out of the body; our only instrument for living life. So processing at the level of emotion is a way to clear out root patterns.






  1. of or relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

I place particular emphasis on the body as a network of consciousness; and as the focal point of every pattern. Every psychological or emotional pattern finds an anchor somewhere in the body, and burrows there.

By touching and opening these places while we touch on whatever arises, the life force can flow.

The Embodiment Difference.

Embodiment is a nebulous concept. Most practitioners use it to mean 'a very subtle conceptual awareness of your body' or simply 'something you want more of.' 

I use it to mean “a complete experience of the life force flowing through your whole being.”

This is one of the core epiphanies we will build toward. In and of itself, it is life altering.

I remember when I experienced my feet for the first time doing similar work. I cried tears of joy. I was 30 years old.

I’ve developed very powerful protocols for bringing awareness throughout the system. As far as I know, it is one of the most effective in the world.

Benefits of Embodiment 

  • Deeper emotional and physical intimacy

  • A more profound experience during sex

  • Emotional and physical healing as life force FLOWS again

  • Feeling the moment more viscerally... feeling more alive

  • A natural inclination to honor your self and your body

  • A deeper sense of peace and serenity

  • An alternative to 'being in your head' all the time

  • The experience of joy and love as the core human experience.

The Connection Difference.

In a world of weak, digital connections, I prefer to work closely and intensely with a handful of people, face to face. Call me old fashioned.

I choose this because it’s this energetic that heals. Humans are wired for connection. They are designed to be touched. It’s funny that some of this healing work is considered ‘radical’ when it is actually a return to what is most NATURAL.

I need the face to face presence to tune into the subtleties of energy, and to watch visual cues and postural changes. Sometimes, a curled toe or a tapping finger says everything.

I’ve learned to decode the sacred messages of the body by this subtle process.

Sometimes, just listening to a story compassionately, with a full-body presence, can shift a lifelong pattern.

In a world of feeble, 50 minute sessions, I offer long, intensive sessions, up to 2 and a half hours in some cases. It takes time for the unconscious layers to surface.

The Flow Guarantee.

If you don’t experience dramatic progress around your core wounds, I’ll refund your fee. Simple.

I’ve offered this infamous ‘guarantee’ since 2013, after facilitating many successful breakthroughs. It’s simply the natural effect of looking through such a comprehensive lens, and using such an effective strategy.

Most modalities are not curative; they are designed to ‘treat’, or ameliorate symptoms forever.

FLOW is different; if you’re not ready for dramatic changes, please don’t apply.

An introduction...

Steven and Rose Budden

Hi, I’m Steven Budden. I use radical somatic strategies to shatter lifetime patterns so that you can breathe and break free. I do this for the love of the human soul. It’s tragic to watch it wallow when there’s something that can be done about it. It’s also just what I do.

Flow Healing™ is a systemless system. There is only one practitioner, as far as I know. Me. 

After breaking my neck in the Pacific Ocean, I was ushered onto the healing path. When I crawled out of the water, Flow Healing Arts was born, and I could no longer believe in accidents. Soon this necessity to heal overflowed into the lives of others.

Since 2011, I’ve been combining informed touch and compassionate conversation in original ways to create staggering breakthroughs for clients. Often within timelines that seem ‘impossible.’

I couple these life-altering sessions with compassionate support during the critical integration periods between sessions.

Note: Unconscious memories often arise naturally during this process. Some even experience memories of infancy or even birth. What we are doing is COMPLETING what is incomplete, so you can invite more and more of your self into the present moment.

During this process, tears often flow. There is a very poignant moment when the tears of pain seem to flow into tears of joy, and life opens up.

What FLOW does.

Flow can support you in living more completely in the moment; in experiencing life as JOYOUS; in transcending the familiar obstacles.

Here are a few of my chosen points of focus:

Chronic Love Patterns.

"I released so many of the things that had been blocking me that I ended up meeting my soul mate."

Amy, Novato, California.

It's intensely frustrating and heartbreaking to find yourself falling into repeated patterns around love, intimacy, or relationship. You're in the right place.

We need to discover where those patterns are anchored in your body /  mind, so we can release them. During this process, we may also discover the origins of these patterns in your history, as well as a whole chain of other patterns that network together. 

After we clear them somatically, (and they show up in layers) your life will shift. You'll experience more freedom than ever before in partnership, as your body learns to surrender into intimacy and the embrace, and you learn to stand in your power, and reclaim your voice. 

Most clients reach out to me because a love pattern has become unbearable. This is where our 'stuff' usually shows up in ways we can't ignore. 

Intimacy with another is a sacred act, full of potential. It is also loaded with our past traumas and unresolved stories. After this clearing process, so much becomes possible.

Note: Many people experience fully embodied sex with their partner (often for the first time in their lives) during the course of our work together.

Unresolved Emotional Trauma.

He lifts past trauma out of the body accumulated over a lifetime.

I no longer feel sadness, guilt or shame. I don’t even know why I felt these emotions and I don’t care. I’m elated by the lightness of being and happiness I feel every awake moment.

Meret Piderman, Entrepreneur

Incomplete grieving, unresolved anger or fear, holding onto a lost loved one, lack of forgiveness around a childhood trauma

All of these can severely impact the quality of life. If untended, they can destroy relationships.

We are going to approach this from a completely different angle than talk therapy.

Even so-called 'somatic' therapies, which can be useful, still only touch the surface of this process. We will use conversation as a tool to set the context, and see where you might be 'caught' in stories.  The primary mode of release will be somatic; through the body, through touch. 

If you are walking around with your stomach tensed, as though something terrible could happen at any moment, that 'holding' is draining a lot of your energy, and preventing you from connecting fully to people around you. This creates tension in relationships, downward thought spirals, and eventually, may manifest as a physical disease.  

I'll show you how to tell when you're falling into these patterns, by decoding your own physical cues, and how to get out. 

Physical Trauma.

“I have had many years of physical and emotional pain. I was also told I would never work again due to a severe auto accident, and I have struggled for years. I worked on all of these issues with the guidance of an incredibly gifted man, and my life has changed. Thank you Steven, you truly helped me to rebuild my life. I am working, living and so happy again.

Judi Johnson, Entrepreneur, Sebastopol, California

When the body is wounded, the memory of that wound is stored in the tissues. It profoundly impacts life experience, because we tend to 'live around that area' out of fear that it might hurt again. In order to heal, we need to go back into the physiological memory, so that the tissues and emotional components can heal. 

The body tends to want to 'move back through' a certain motion if it endured trauma there. In that sense, we can keep 'recreating' the incident in various ways, literally or metaphorically, until it is cleared. 

This process is a way to clear the trauma directly, so it can heal and you can move forward. 

In my experience, there is no such thing as a purely 'physical' trauma. There is always an emotional piece. 


Disease is a fiction that we adopt. Using various strategies, it can be eroded. I do this at the level fo BELIEF as well as LIFE PRACTICE. For instance, most diseases are seeded by an emotional trauma and nourished by lifestyle choices.

“Steven’s regression and re-patterning sessions helped me address the most powerful blocks and emotional traumas I had incurred throughout my life. Never have I been able to go so deep into my shadow or entrust anyone with that dark part of me until Steven began working with me. Thanks to him, I’ve had access to more profound healing than any other practice I have tried.”

Mari McRoberts, Founder at Spira Institute of the Healing Arts

Genetics have very little to do with it. It doesn’t matter what the ‘experts’ have named your constellation of symptoms. It can be healed, but it’s going to take a LIFE HEALING.

That is where I come in.

I don't know how else to tell you what I do... because this work is experiential, I would rather SHOW you. 

FreeFlow™ Discovery Session


We are about to begin decoding the sacred messages from your body, as we unravel and release whatever is still tangled up in your system.

Instead on focusing on the symptoms, we’ll zero in on how the staggering network of intelligence that is your body, mind, and spirit are whispering to you through your patterns and your pain. We'll harness that intelligence so you can HEAL whatever the pattern is.


Using touch and conversation, we’ll begin to discern where you are ‘present’ and where you are 'empty' or ‘hiding’ in your body and mind.

Chronic diseases. Depression. Painful love patterns. They’re all expressions of a deeper wound; a loss of innocence.

Do you remember when you ‘lost’ yours?

I don't expect you to leap into an intense, therapeutic relationship with me without having  experienced this process for yourself. 

I created the Freeflow Discovery Session as a way for you to to experience the process and how it can support you. 

During this ninety minute deep-dive process,  we'll embark on a profound healing journey.

I will orchestrate an experiential overview of the work as we explore your core patterns and behaviors, to discover where in your life you may be keeping yourself stuck.

The Courage Difference.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this process is not for the feint of heart. It is for those courageous souls that are ready to open up and begin living more completely, from wherever they are. If the sessions are sometimes intense, the results are often dramatic. Lifetime patterns dissolve in mere hours. Love blossoms. Creativity flourishes.

In order for this process to work, you need a fearless companion, utterly committed to going into the shadows with you.

Ready for more Flow? 

The FreeFlow Discovery Session is conducted in person in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

It includes:

  • Discovery Questionnaire. An In-depth questionnaire will be sent to you after scheduling, before our call.

  • FreeFlow Discovery Session (Circa 90 Minutes). We will begin to decode the sacred messages from your body, and hone in on all of the pieces that are influencing your life.

  • Integration Tips. Practices for managing energetic shifts, via email.

  • FLOW Life Map. Customized Proposal for Healing with Me. An outline of recommended future steps, via email.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions.

All I ask is that you invest your time and bring your ‘whole self’ to the session. There is no financial investment required.

For this reason, there are limited spaces available.

After the FreeFlow Discovery Session, if we decide we are a match, I will generally recommend a CUSTOM engagement for your unique situation.

Ask yourself what is possible? Feel it in your bones.

And if you are called, inspired, intrigued, seize this day before it is lost forever.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Love and flow,


Other Avenues of Study:

I’ve written four books on the healing process that I facilitate. While they can’t contain the complexity of a technique that really is fluid, they can give you VALUABLE insights.

For an overview of my philosophy and how it came into my life, I suggest reading Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual

For an overview of my original holistic system (perhaps one of the most totalistic in existence, please read Bloom: A Manifesto for Wild Unfolding

For a sample of some of the activities I lead clients through, I suggest working through The Flow into Joy Journeybook… only available in Paperback.

And for my most comprehensive statement on healing through diet, I suggest Edenbound: Healing Disease and Trauma with Fruit and Other Plants.

(Above are links to PDFs, available for purchase, which you can access immediately. You can also find paperbacks on my site here). 

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