Flow Healing Arts

Freedom from Trauma, Disease, Heartbreak (FOR WOMEN)

Flow Healing Arts has been delivering radical physical and emotional healing in Sarasota Florida since 2011, through in-depth healing sessions, using an original strategy that you won’t find anywhere else.

everything can be healed

often with minimal intervention, within seemingly impossible timeframes.

Whether your wound is a physical ailment, a chronic love pattern, a mental or emotional challenge... the approach is always the same. Clearing the distortions from your physical system so that you can break free. 

To find out if this will work for you, I need about 90 minutes to assess how and where lifetime patterns are anchored into your body and mind, so we can begin to dissolve them right from the start. Sometimes awareness is all it takes. Sometimes it requires more. 

Once this process begins, it gains it's own momentum. Life becomes the healer. 

I don't know how you got here, but you've stumbled upon a beautiful thing. Whether you intuitively know you're stuck, or you just have a sense that life could be so much more, you're in the right place. 

The most direct way to profound progress around your core wounds is Somatic Work. 




  1. of or relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

An introduction...

Flow Healing is a systemless system, and there is only one practitioner, as far as I know. Me. 

I use radical, original somatic strategies to jostle loose patterns that might be stuck in your body.  SO you can breathe and break free. So you can FLOW. 

You may notice lifetime patterns dissolving. 

I don't expect you to believe me... yet. You'll soon experience this for yourself.  I'm just letting you know what others (and myself) have experienced through this work. 

I combine informed touch and compassionate conversation during FLOW sessions, coupled with email or phone support during integration periods between sessions. Sessions are spaced strategically over a certain duration of time. 

Through this beautiful process of discovery, we'll shed light on your most deeply held fears, and release them from the body, from the root, so you can move on. 

Note: Unconscious memories often arise naturally during this process. Some even experience memories of infancy or even birth. What we are doing is COMPLETING what is incomplete, so you can invite more and more of your self into the present moment.

During this process, tears often flow. First, tears of pain. Later, tears of joy. 

what flow helps heal

Chronic Love Patterns

It's intensely frustrating and heartbreaking to find yourself falling into repeated patterns around love, intimacy, or relationship. You're in the right place. We need to discover where those patterns are anchored in your body /  mind, so we can release them. During this process, we may also discover the origins of these patterns in your history, as well as a whole chain of other patterns that network together. 

After we clear them somatically, (and they show up in layers) your life will shift. You'll experience more freedom than ever before in partnership, as your body learns to surrender into intimacy and the embrace, and you learn to stand in your power, and reclaim your voice. 

Love patterns is why the majority of clients reach out to me. It's where our 'stuff' usually shows up in a way we can't ignore. 

Note: You may experience fully embodied sex with a partner (perhaps for the first time) during the course of our work together.

Unresolved Emotional trauma

Incomplete grieving, unresolved anger or fear, holding onto a lost loved one, lack of forgiveness around a childhood trauma.. all of these can severely impact the quality of life in the moment. 

We are going to approach this from a completely different angle than talk therapy. Even so-called 'somatic' therapies, which can be useful, still only touch the surface of this process. We will use conversation as a tool to set the context, and see where you might be 'caught' in stories.  The primary mode of release will be somatic; through the body, through touch. 

If you are walking around with your stomach tensed, as though something terrible could happen at any moment, that 'holding' is draining a lot of your energy, and preventing you from connecting fully to people around you. This creates tension in relationships, downward thought spirals, and eventually, may manifest as a physical disease.  

I'll show you how to tell when you're falling into these patterns, by decoding your own physical cues, and how to get out. 

physical TRAUMA

When the body is wounded, the memory of that wound is stored in the tissues. It profoundly impacts life experience, because we tend to 'live around that area' out of fear that it might hurt again. In order to heal, we need to go back into the physiological memory, so that the tissues and emotional components can heal. 

The body tends to want to 'move back through' a certain motion if it endured trauma there. In that sense, we can keep 'recreating' the incident in various ways, literally or metaphorically, until it is cleared. 

This process is a way to clear the trauma directly, so it can heal and you can move forward. 

In my experience, there is no such thing as a purely 'physical' trauma. There is always an emotional piece. 

Embodiment is key

Embodiment is a nebulous concept. Most practitioners use it to mean 'a very subtle conceptual awareness of your body' or simply 'something you want more of.' 

I don't use it that way.

I am going to attempt to DEMONSTRATE IT to you through our work together, by touching certain points and asking questions about what is arising for you. Some will be painful, and others subtle. 

Note: You may feel parts of your body for the first time.

Why? Well, the more you FEEL, the more you experience, the richer life becomes. 

Some of The Benefits of Embodiment 

  • Deeper emotional and physical intimacy

  • A more profound experience during sex

  • Emotional and physical healing as life force FLOWS again

  • Feeling the moment more viscerally... feeling more alive

  • A natural inclination to honor your self and your body

  • A deeper sense of peace and serenity

  • An alternative to 'being in your head' all the time

I don't know how else to tell you what I do... I would rather show you. 

FreeFlow Consultation™

I don't expect you to leap into an intense,  therapeutic relationship with me without having met and  experienced this process for yourself. 

I created the Freeflow Consultation as a way for you to to experience the process and how it can support you. 

I ask for your time and focus. There is no financial requirement until we decide to work together. 

During this ninety minute to two hour deep-dive process,  we'll embark on a profound journey of discovery. 

I will give you an experiential overview of the work as we explore your posture, language, body movements, and tissues to discover where you may be holding onto thoughts or emotions that are causing you pain. 

After the FreeFlow Consultation, if we decide we are a match, I will generally recommend a unique 12 week engagement that I have found to be the most effective format in 95% of cases.


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